Halfway… Hiberna… Duuper!

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Let’s just say Ireland was like rehab. A recovery period. Quiet. Peaceful. Not much temptation. Not much to do. Few distractions. Normality. Regular way of life. Now let’s just say L.A is the complete opposite. Beyond belief the complete opposite. I think the mistake I made initially was coming straight back into the bizarre but brilliant old world of L.A. Two feet straight in at the deep end. Swimming in a sea of temptation and randomness. Barely able to keep my head above water. Too high. Too fast. Too much bizarreness. Too much, eh, brilliantness. I had slowly weaned my way off the high of L.A while back in Ireland, that the sudden monster hit I had when I arrived back almost made me over-dose. All figuratively speaking. Obviously. Continue Reading »

Thanks For The… Fruit?


Technically, today is Thanksgiving. Still the eve or the night before really as I still haven’t slept, but technically, it is Thanksgiving. On another technical note, it is also Thursday. Still feels like a Wednesday, but technically Thursday. Try as I might, all tomorrow will be for me, is Thursday. That I have a feeling will be like a lazy Sunday. Eating. Drinking. Lounging around. Sleepy old day. But on a Thursday. And tonight was a Wednesday. The eve of Thanksgiving. Or whatever it may be called. See, the last thing I need, or want, is an excuse. An excuse to take a break. A day-off. Chill man, it’s Thanksgiving. Your first one! You must be excited! Or so I have been told. I feign that I am, yay, wuu, can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s Thursday! Yaaay. I mean Thanksgiving. Wuu! Continue Reading »

Clean Up That Mess


Earlier today I saw a good enough quote. Something like… “Being happy is a habit. Unfortunately so is being sad. Choose one.” Something like that. So good that I can’t even remember it fully. I remember the gist. Which got me thinking. About what it is I have been choosing lately. Not between happy or sad. Who would choose to be sad? However, then again, who would choose to be a bit of a mess. To be all over the place. Unfocused. Disorganised. Not exactly where you want to be. Constantly catching up. Scraping in the door. Disappointed in one’s performance. Disappointed in oneself. Being tapped on the shoulder by the fear on a Sunday night. Well, apparently, if you haven’t already guessed where I’m going with this, I kind of have being choosing this of late. Maybe not on purpose. Subconsciously. Generally, a bit of a mess. Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!


I have neglected these of late. I need to get back into a routine of some sort. Time is slipping away. Just wasted a couple of hours watching Adventureland. Slow beyond belief. Not too shabby in places. Too slow though. Some good songs. Anyways, enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »

Rick. Are You A Bit Of A Pri…


Lately, I have realised that besides food and drink, all the items I am looking into buying or have bought, are simply replacement purchases. Camera broke. Must buy a new one. Microwave needed. Must buy a new one. Microwave broke. Must buy a new one. George Foreman went missing. Must buy a new one. T-shirt ripped. Must buy a new one. Even though I don’t really like that t-shirt or wear it often. And have at least four of similar cut, style and colour. Still, must buy a new one. For peace of mind. Can’t have my mind at war over a t-shirt. Hark back to the scissors incident. Speaking of which, another replacement. Forgot my scissors. Must buy a new one. After last night, a new item has made it’s way onto the list. This is how I became a phoneless bum. Continue Reading »

Thank You Terry!!!

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As you may, or may not, already know, I used to be the chairman of my old university’s juggling club. A well known fact, really. First year of college, myself and my buddy decided to try out a few different sports (activities?) that we never did before. Ended up signing up for the juggling club. Went along to the first meeting. Only five of us showed up. Somehow, when it came to decide who would be in charge, I ended up as chairman, and my buddy was the treasurer. Just like that. Tenure lasted for about an hour. We all had to fill out a form with our names and addresses. And it turned out that two other guys there had no addresses. Homeless dudes, it seemed. One French guy. And one unknown nationality. Saw flyers for the juggling club, somehow, and came along to the first meeting. Funnily enough, they were the only two people who could actually juggle. Unfortunately, I don’t think the club ever had another meeting after that. Continue Reading »