Halfway… Hiberna… Duuper!

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Let’s just say Ireland was like rehab. A recovery period. Quiet. Peaceful. Not much temptation. Not much to do. Few distractions. Normality. Regular way of life. Now let’s just say L.A is the complete opposite. Beyond belief the complete opposite. I think the mistake I made initially was coming straight back into the bizarre but brilliant old world of L.A. Two feet straight in at the deep end. Swimming in a sea of temptation and randomness. Barely able to keep my head above water. Too high. Too fast. Too much bizarreness. Too much, eh, brilliantness. I had slowly weaned my way off the high of L.A while back in Ireland, that the sudden monster hit I had when I arrived back almost made me over-dose. All figuratively speaking. Obviously.

What I probably needed was a halfway house. The smarter option. Although if I was to go back and reconsider what the smart thing would’ve been to do every step of the way, then I could be reconsidering for a few days. Still though, a halfway house might’ve been the way to go. Test the waters. See if I was ready. Acclimatise. Settle in to making the big move. Feet on the ground. Baby steps. A halfway house could’ve let me do all of this. At least I now realise that I always have one to go to. The retreat in San Francisco. The place to go for breathers. And still have enough randomness and fun to keep me tipping over. After my writing sojourn, I am back down again to L.A. Pumped! Flying! Raring to go! Plans. Targets. All that sensible stuff laid out. Along with a new word in my vocabulary… “Nope”.

Go Bears

Going into hibernation until the book is finished. Well, kind of. Maybe one night a week out for boozing. Plus the nights I may be DJ’ing. Besides that though, I will be a bear! Or maybe more a squirrel. Whichever is better at hibernating. Anyways, last night was my one night of the week. Of boozing. In L.A. Thanksgiving doesn’t count, seeing as I was in San Fran for it. So last night was my one night. Of last week. Technically Sunday is the start of the week. I just got lucky with the timing I guess. I still have one more night this week. My hibernation rules are still in tact. Re de de.

I thought initially that it was going to be pretty surreal to kick it all off. My friend kind of implied that he was going to be bringing a girl around to my house. Who happens to be a model. Not super-model type. More glamour model. Not from America. Probably the most well known of them all.  I think she may have been in a woods recently or something like that. A nice guest for a pre-party shindig in my house. However, unfortunately, a word was left out of a text, or wires were crossed, or not enough questions were asked that should’ve been asked, and it turned out that he wasn’t actually bringing her out for the night. Unfortunately it was her boyfriend instead. Or, to be exact, her recently ex-boyfriend. You can fill in the blanks as to whom it may or may not be if you like. I’d no clue who he was to be honest. All I know is that I was duped. Or else duped myself. One or the other. Good thing is, in L.A, there is always enough random things going on to quickly make you forget about an incident such as that.

Might have another DJ’ing gig lined up. Might is once again a key word. Still though, first night back is promising. Must meet the owner of the bar again this week and suss it out. Had a bit of a poetry battle with a girl. I won the first round. She well and truly whooped me in round two. A complete gem. Crimson Red I think she called it. Double meanings had me rattled and against the ropes! Talking to a film producer for a while. Who showed some interest in the book I was writing. Although she might also have only been interested in something else. Couldn’t be too sure. Must suss that out as well. I think she might have been trying to make me break my other rule. The one about not trying to sleep my way to the top. Integrity is key. If I ever do get to actually turn down that offer, I will make sure to let you know. As of yet, emm, no.

Axel About?

After that the night gets a bit blurry. I think I was dragged to one place but can’t remember exactly where or what that place was. Moving on. Ended up at an after party in a mansion somewhere in Beverly Hills. In the movies, they make these houses out to be unreal. In real life, these houses are unreal. Seriously. It reminded me of the one out of Beverly Hills Cop. Can’t remember which movie. The one where they have a shoot-out at the end. That one. Although, it might have looked a bit too much like the house in that movie. The place was dripping in marble and gold. Everywhere. Chandeliers were swinging. Looked kind of 80’s-ish. Expensive 80’s. I only saw one wing I think. Which was a nice wing in fairness to it. Big spiralling stairs down to the games room. Pool table and a fully kitted out bar. Which was a nice bar. But nothing compared to the bar outside.

Told to go check out the bar outside. Which one? Next to the pool. Which pool? The pool that was so big it had a bridge going over it. Oh right, that pool. Cool. I’ll go check it out. Went out. Checked out a bar that looked more like a kitchen, if my memory serves me right. Which was stocked up with more drink than a small Irish pub. Brilliant. Blurry. Trying to make cocktails. Making horrific concoctions. Shot-gunning cans instead. Classy. You can take the boy out of college but you can never rar diddy rar.

Overall, even though I was initially duped, first night out back in L.A under my new hibernation regime was a great night. You could say it was super. If you were an ape, up at four in the morning the night after it, writing a blogaruu and trying to tie it altogether purely because you used the word as your title, you might just call it duuper! But I wouldn’t do that. 

Songs on…

Work This City (Yes Giantess Remix) – Body Language

What Would I Want? Sky – Animal Collective

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