#6 – Dublin Joke


And we’re back! Six of the best. Still going strong: Joke of the Day – Wahey!

Henrietta – The Fratellis

#5 – Cow Joke


Five in a row! Betsy. I hope ye like rambling jokes: Joke of the Day – Wahey!

Dancing In The Moonlight – Toploader

#4 – Sour Joke

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Video four from this now globally recognised hit: Joke of the Day – Wahey!

Dakota – Stereophonics

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#3 – Sugar Paddy!

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Video three from this soon to be award-winning series: Joke of the Day – Wahey!

Bullets – Editors

#2 – Horse Joke

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Grey Shirt & Tie – Spector

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Joke Of The Day – Wahey!


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Too Insistent (Trentemoller Remix) – The Do