Milk And Sugar, Orgy Joe?

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Is it just me or do far too many people become far too profound at this time of year. And by become, I mean try to be. As if they must spit out the words before the year ends. Must end it on a profound note! Because… no clue why they get the urge. Especially when is sounds like they Googled a Hallmark card… ‘This year has come and gone, how will you write the next chapter?’ Are you funking joke me? Oh, you’re being serious… well done. New Year is mighty and all that, but not like a switch flicks. More than likely, you had a good/ bad/ indifferent year due to what you made of it. Not really down to the year. And guess what, 2010 will be the same! Fair enough, if the New Year motivates you to make changes, then motivate on! Continue Reading »

Deliria… I’m En Route!


At the moment, three things kind of annoy me a good little tad. Uno… The word ‘lol’. A pointless word to fill a gap if ever I have read one. Lol. Deux… People who keep putting “everything, they think, is profound, into quotation marks”. And three… that bars close so early in L.A. I won’t lie, back in the day, in Ireland, before I ever came to America, I always imagined this would be the place to go to for great nightlife. And, you know what, it actually is, ha, beyond belief. However, at times, it ends far too soon. Perhaps I’m spoilt from all-night boozing at after-hours back home, but still, the mentality here is to just shut up shop, along with their drinking mouths, when the lights flash and the true beauty is shown. Not so much fun to be true. Continue Reading »

Wigs, Wine & Weirdos


Horrendous is the best word I could use to describe the response for the 12 pubs of Christmas. Calling a spade a shovel, there was close to zero interest. Maybe I should’ve explained the concept more when I was sending out the rallying cry. One person thought it was just a spam email. Even after reading it. Didn’t get it. Well done. A lot of people were out of town for Christmas. And a few girls replied saying they’d love to meet for a drink. Sounds lovely. A nice quiet drink. Just the two of us. I don’t even think they read the email. Quiet drink… 12 pubs? Just the two of us… what part of ‘the more the merrier’ was lost in translation? In the end, numbers were down and out. There was my buddy Sharlotta. And there was I. Instead of me having a Royal Rumble type affair with 12 different dates, we went with just picking up stragglers along the way. Continue Reading »



Tonight is all about random ramblings. As of late, I have been pretty cooped up. And when I’m cooped up, I find my gibberdish begins to over-flow. Flowing beyond belief tonight. Although that also might have something to do with me licking glue off my fingers earlier. Unintentionally. More innocent than you may think. While gluing something together, a lot of glue got on my fingers. Needing to quickly wipe it off, I quickly licked it off. Perhaps thinking it was cream. Innocent. Still dumb.

Anyways, good things actually come about from an over-flowing gibberdish. Even more so when my brain starts to kick in. Which usually happens either just before I’m about to fall asleep, or when I’m in the shower. Tonight it was clean and creative time. Epiphanies popping up all over the shop. Yelps of ‘Wuu duu’ for joy in the shower. Book related. Extra workload related. Evolution. All good. Pre-glue. So even better. Continue Reading »

Feel It… Feel It!!!

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Have you ever felt invalid? Actually, that’s wrong, I’ll rephrase that… Have you ever made yourself feel like an invalid? If you ever want to, here’s an efficient way. Simply walk to the gym. Using a crutch. Carrying a can of Red Bull. A bottle of water. Your phone. Plus your iPod. And finally, your keys too. Not forgetting, you’re devoting one arm and hand fully to the crutch. And you’ve worn your shorts with no pockets. Carrying all the rest more or less with the one free hand. Ok, now to make yourself feel a bit useless, here’s what to do. Continue Reading »

Freddie Cougars


Newport is a strange enough place. Throw in a crutch and an accent, and it gets even stranger. Full to the brim with Freddie Cougars. Back down there the other day for a DJ gig. Had an hour to kill beforehand. Went to get something to eat. Walking to the restaurant. More hop-along with the crutch. A concerned women stopped me along the way. Being kind, about her age, late 30’s, probably older, but looked younger. Plastic on. Asked me what happened. Could she help? In case I ever needed help, or anything at all, she gave me her number. Be sure to call. Anytime. Ok. Thanks for that. Be rude not to take your number, so I’ll accept the card. Plastic on. Freddie on. Continue Reading »