Clean Up That Mess


Earlier today I saw a good enough quote. Something like… “Being happy is a habit. Unfortunately so is being sad. Choose one.” Something like that. So good that I can’t even remember it fully. I remember the gist. Which got me thinking. About what it is I have been choosing lately. Not between happy or sad. Who would choose to be sad? However, then again, who would choose to be a bit of a mess. To be all over the place. Unfocused. Disorganised. Not exactly where you want to be. Constantly catching up. Scraping in the door. Disappointed in one’s performance. Disappointed in oneself. Being tapped on the shoulder by the fear on a Sunday night. Well, apparently, if you haven’t already guessed where I’m going with this, I kind of have being choosing this of late. Maybe not on purpose. Subconsciously. Generally, a bit of a mess. Continue Reading »