An Honest Mistake


My Bad

One of the best things I have found about playing Fussball throughout the years, is that you end up with a wide spectrum of buddies. City folk, farmers, millionaires, bums, guys who are younger than you, older than you, and everything in between. The basis for you getting on so well with them, usually comes down to the banter ye have with each other. You mock me, I mock you back, we all mock each other. Just the way it went. Usually the people who you mocked more, were the ones who you were better buddies with. Better laugh with each other. Not always, but usually. As opposed to one-off, snide remarks, for example.

Sincerely Yours... Seriously

One year I played on the same team with a guy who was in his late 30’s. We got on well, even though we only played with the same club for a short time. He might mock my clothes or hair. In return, I’d question his real reasons for playing on, at such an age. Harmless banter. One night, out after a match, fairly hammered, Continue Reading »

Hello. Wake Up!

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Last night I DJ’ed at what can perhaps be described as the equivalent of a parochial church gig. In fact, that is how one person described the size of the crowd to me. For the first hour at least, dead enough, but it suited my hangover and splitting headache, so I didn’t really mind. Eventually it got busy. And, for a change, there were a few good looking women requesting songs throughout the night. Who didn’t reek of fake tan and sweat. So that was nice. For a change. By the end of the night, I was dying to go home and sleep. However, after getting home at about 2.3o, I ended up staying up until 5. Why? To write yesterday’s blogaruu. Like a zombie, typing away. More like a clown really. Eventually went to sleep. And then woke back up, to edit another piece of writing I did. In the end, by the time I woke up this morning (stretching the limits of what counts as morning to be honest) I was probably Continue Reading »

To Know, Or Not To Know?

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Be honest, how often do you bathe yourself? Not shower, but actually take a bath? Hardly ever, I presume. A few people might insist that they regularly have baths, as they are so relaxing and so great. Granted, they are relaxing (ish). And great (boring). But sure you do. Sure. (Now that I think of it, has anyone ever emphatically made the point to you, that they regularly have baths? I have, oddly. It was strange. As if she wanted me to know that she was above showering. She loved baths. Took them all the time. She really was that creative and care-free. Some sort of a plus. Ah, you’re a bath person. That’s cool. You’re cool.) On average, I would say most people have one bath a year. With good reason too. Showers are way more convenient.

Signing On

On Friday, my phone decided to join the rest of the country, and go on the dole. Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Seeing as music is the answer, I have decided to start up a new weekly feature… Enough Talk, More Music!!! Hopefully the title gives you a gist of what it is about. Music. Every Sunday, I shall post a collection of songs that have either been overplayed on my iTunes or rounded up from my blogaruus during the week. In the hope that you might stumble on something that will blow your mind! Isn’t that a wonderful idea?! To be exact, it will be a mix of new, newish, older, classics and some random songs in between. An exact description. Anyways, enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »

You’re An 8?

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Today, something occurred that left me bemused, dumb-founded, speechless, flabbergasted, lost for words. All of those things. In one quick little burst. No way. No funking way. You’re joking me? Are you serious?! One of those moments. Before I tell you what it was, a quick story first…

One night a couple of years back, myself and a few buddies stumbled out of a bar in Santa Cruz, on our way to a nightclub. En route, we saw an Emericano chap, whom we knew, standing right at corner of the street we were walking along. They have a fairly rigid grid system over there as far as street structure, so it was a proper corner. Not a bendy, in out and around kind of one you might have here. Anyways, he was just leaning up against the corner of the building, one foot resting against the wall, minding his own business. We stopped for a quick chat, and as two of my buddies were chatting to him, I noticed that, for some reason, his right hand was going around the corner of the building. I edged my way over, subtly, to see where it was going. Attached to his hand, was a Continue Reading »

Location, Location, Location!

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Where's Waldo?Earlier on today, a buddy of mine moved over to Emerica, a long term visa in his back pocket. Happy days for him, we have been in the same boat for a few years. Good buddy, known him from school days I’d say. Since being home, I think I have met up with him once the whole time. Bumped into him a few times when I was DJ’ing, but only once to go out boozing. Before he left, he rang me to say let him know when I’ll be over in the States as well, must arrange to meet up. Even though we will be on opposite sides of the country. The thing is, it wasn’t just a token gesture call. I would be confident that I’d meet up with him more over there, than I have since I have been back here in Cork. Even though I am a 10 minute drive away from his house here. Sometimes, it is all about location!

When you were finishing school, if someone told you that in less than a year you probably wouldn’t be as friendly with the majority of your friends at the time, would you believe them? Doubtful, laughing it off, no way man, great buddies. Sure. Within a few months of starting college, Continue Reading »