Dumb Roll Please… 300. And. 1!


Dumb roll please… Dum Dum Dumb! Momentous occasion of complete and utter unimportance… 300th blogaruu! Growing up, pushing on, going senile! Completely irrelevant. Fully unimportant. Unless you’re a bit of a mnarc. Obviously. So you decide you need to mark this occasion by doing something different. Such as your first reading vlogaruu. Well done. Mighty idea! 300th blogaruu. 1st reading vlogaruu. Well timed. If not over a week delayed. Seeing as you have troubles with your laptop and getting enough space on it to save the vlogaruu. So you buy an external hard-drive. But have no clue how to work it. Even though you have a masters in e-business. Actually did well in the course on storage. Back-up. Hard drives. All that. So you should really know how to work both? One would think so. Masters? E-which? Sure you do. Spoof. Inner monologue… Rambling on!

Moving on. Quick run-down… Plan for the reading vlogs is to read chapters from my book. Planned for a while. Procrastinated for longer. Read on. Ad-lib a bit of gibber. Give randomers an idea what the book is aboot. Whure her out. Kind of a way of giving out free books? Ish. Not really. But best I can do, en ce moment. Other reasons too. Obviously. Voice lessons are on-going. Attempting to make myself clearer, if and when needed. Reading vlogaruus can be a helping foot? Mumble off. Clarity on! Also good to get used to being on camera. Why… Shy? Ape-ish? Vain? No. Probably. Yes. Alright. Enough gibber. Currently in San Francisco. Fun. Big buckets of it. Except being minus internet. Quite annoying. Details can be caught up later. First. In a Prodigy style tone… Read with me! As you shall see, all good things start horrendously? My enthusiasm is at an all time high? Monotones are dancing? Dishwater is abundant? Ok. Shh. Book gibber on…

16 thoughts on “Dumb Roll Please… 300. And. 1!

  1. bwahahaha … you funny man you!

    “enough about me and back to my book” …(which just happens to be about me) haha mnarc on!!

  2. If that vlog would have gone the way I thought it was going to go, I would have been really disappointed. It was MIGHTY! Go on the APE! Go on the Whore! Looking forward to more…

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