Duh Dumb Diddle Daddle…


Just to be clear: Here is a dumb diddle daddle on how the dumb diddle daddle. Seriously. Alright. You’re smart. We know this. You’re quite aware of the fact that there’s a lot of dumbness floating aboot the air. Out there. Real world. Daily life. Every single day. Every single way. All could and should be so simple. Instead. Dumbness everywhere. Thing is though, far worse than dumb. Come back to that. First off… Want to hear what being hit by cars, ridiculously hot girls, frogs, ferns, mosses, mongolian, yachts in the sky, poolside murders, petrol, buckets, idiots and much more, all have in common?! Yes? No? Decide… Read on! Gibber dish is once again overflowing. Blogaruus building up. Threads getting thinner. Incoherent mess. Horse on before all is forgotten! Di-daddle on! Continue Reading »


Thanks For The… Fruit?


Technically, today is Thanksgiving. Still the eve or the night before really as I still haven’t slept, but technically, it is Thanksgiving. On another technical note, it is also Thursday. Still feels like a Wednesday, but technically Thursday. Try as I might, all tomorrow will be for me, is Thursday. That I have a feeling will be like a lazy Sunday. Eating. Drinking. Lounging around. Sleepy old day. But on a Thursday. And tonight was a Wednesday. The eve of Thanksgiving. Or whatever it may be called. See, the last thing I need, or want, is an excuse. An excuse to take a break. A day-off. Chill man, it’s Thanksgiving. Your first one! You must be excited! Or so I have been told. I feign that I am, yay, wuu, can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s Thursday! Yaaay. I mean Thanksgiving. Wuu! Continue Reading »