Summer Duu!


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About a month ago I read Zen and the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury. Mighty book, highly recommend it. Two of the best things I got out of it:

1. Try to write at least 1000 words a day.

2. Be inspired about whatever you’re writing about.

For a while I’ve been trying to finish a final edit for my third book. Dragged on for a while, didn’t have a good ending so things just kind of ambled along. Lost my buzz for writing it. Turned into a slog. Bored myself. Became a news reporter drearily going through the facts of some event or story. Great old hoot. Stories were good, I was just crap. Anyway, since reading that book I’ve started doing the whole 1000 words a day trick writing a different book. Unreal. Over 50,000 words so far in a month. Hopefully have the first draft finished in the next two weeks. Giddy up them steps. Bradbury on.

Another might trick I’ve discovered to help the writing flow: Think about the story the night before. Let the ideas bubble and bounce aboot. Sleep. In the morning spend ten minutes sitting in silence, eyes closed. Hippy meditation style I know but the story starts to flow to the fore like a tidal wave after about four minutes. Unreal. Give it a twirl.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing the past month. Quiet on le blogaruu. Needed a break. Doing other stuff besides though. Dealing with drama. Always a good waste of time. Work related stuff has been good. Always more exciting. Had a couple of meetings with production companies and TV stations. All went well. They do like to move at warp slow speed though. Best one was with Comedy Central. Met with head of international development here in L.A. Coffee meeting. For some reason I panicked when it came time to order a drink. Sitting outside in the roasting sun, sweltering in shirt and pants. Too hot for coffee. Couldn’t just have water? Confused myself when I eventually ordered,

“I’ll have an orange juice, please.”

All I really thought about in the meeting was Why did I panic and will orange juice be seen as a weak choice? Needless to say, meeting went well. Spoke more about sitcom development. Tip-tip-tipping away. Meetings, greetings and waitings it appears. Also pitched another show on the spot when the lady told me a non-scripted area they were interested in. Seemed to really like it. Asked me to send a two page treatment with more details.

“No problem, I have it written up at home, I’ll send it on straight away!”

Obviously then I had to go home and flesh out the idea from scratch. Now have a week or so to shoot a five minute sizzle reel for them. Always good to have a deadline. I’ve been on a mad hunt to get a crew together in time to get it done. Harder said than done in L.A., which is surprising enough. Everyone either wants ridiculous money or is beyond difficult to work with. Finally got it sorted today though, I think.

Must write a few articles in the next week or so as well. Summer in the Hollywood. What’s going on with the porn industry in Hollywood. Usual kind of thing.

Another thing I’ve been doing is jigging. All sorts. Interesting one was a fundraiser for the new mayor of L.A. a couple of weeks ago. Up in a savage house in the Hollywood Hills, pretty slick. Cocktail music, actually played the same song on loop for ten goes at one point, no one noticed, say nothing. One thing about politicians, they can talk the talk. Gave a speech at the end, about twenty minutes long, word for word nailed it, no hiccups, no pauses, no dead air. Must swoop some of that technique for stand-up. Just keep talking gibberish. People love it. Also jigging pool parties on the rooftop at the Andaz in West Hollywood. Big fan of the pool. Some views too. Standing ovation yesterday after jigging. Party on Wayne. Here’s part of a mix I recorded last week. Blip off. Summer duu!

Also did some fine Oscar-worthy acting this month in another pilot. Director was the guy who did The Break-Up so good to see the likes of him at work.

Oscar on

Helped finish a mighty new album on its way to your ears soon. Go on the Kaitown! Celebration photo:


And I learnt how to dunk too now I remember it…


Got this drawing from a fine RanDummy. Make art! Very foxy.


Based on this photo, apparently, which was trying to highlight how when people ask me “What’s up with your hair?” my answer is usually: I don’t know.

Hair Hayes

Last but not least, I drank these…


Made this fine feast…


Then sadly broke this beast of a brush…


Tut. Terrible note to end on but clearly a great month had by all. I’m thinking of starting a book club as well once I get this first draft finished. Let me know if you’re interested. Otherwise, solo reading all the way!

10 thoughts on “Summer Duu!

  1. Thank you Mr Hayes! Busy time indeed! New book is intriguing me and a big YES to the book club idea. I’m not sure how you keep juggling all the different fractions of your life, but it seems to feed your writing brain well.

  2. Some great writing tips there! I have to incorporate a few of those ideas for my psychology assignments I think. You certainly are a busy boy, very entertaining read and commiserations for the beheaded toothbrush!

    • Sad day indeed. Those tips will hopefully work well for psychology assignments, let the gibber flow!

  3. Enjoying following your thinking, writing and rambling and I ordered that book which might give me ZE KICK!! (available in German, used, 4€, bargain!!) Book club has a few founding members already I think 🙂

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