Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Currently. Sitting on a wooden step. Top of my stairs. Trying in vain to watch the tie breaker between Federer and Murray. Keep losing the wireless signal. My house is a skeletor. Bare. Empty. Nada. Moving apartments this weekend. I move tomorrow. Travel light. Two suitcases. A desk. My roommate has everything else. Moved to her new abode today. Coming back tomorrow for the bed. Also kindly left me a fork and a bowl. All one needs. Although the lack of a seat is more annoying than I imagined. And my neighbour’s wireless won’t reach as far as my bed. Gone are the days of borrowing milk and sugar. I think he may have turned it off on me. Just disappeared. Wuu. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Simple… Steak. Or. Salmon?


One recent day, I realised something of insignificant importance. As in very little. Especially when you go day to day. If I was to go year to year, however, it might be something. Either way, I suppose, nonetheless, a thing of some note. Roughly, it’s been about one year since I set off on my dumb mission to L.A. Dumb, seeing as I had no clue what mission exactly. (Maybe should be using ‘have’ instead of ‘had’. Ha. D. Ve).

Might not be the best time to write this, as my brain is weary. Although, I do need to wake it up, so maybe the perfect time to try and kick it up a gear. Crystal clear arguments from both sides. Well done. Anyways, I was trying to compare today, with what I was like a year ago. Let’s see the vast progress. Immense strides I have made! No longer clueless! Might do a list. Which would just blow my mind with delight! Eh, actually, I’ll hold off with that one. I may have chosen the wrong day to compare, to be true.   Continue Reading »

Dirty Old Hunt


Few times I’ve swung the other way. Recently, however, all women. Personal preference. Lifestyle choice. Things change though. Pressured back into it. Necessity. Crept up on me. Otherwise. Could end up on the streets. Wandering. Homeless. Bum. Bite the bullet. Trawled. Creeped. Pounded. Knocked. Grilled. Interrogated. Stripped bare. Hollow. At least I found somewhere to live after all that. Go on the hunt for a new place to live! Get your mind out of the gutter! Continue Reading »

Land Of Perplexion


Recently I’ve been asked to do a couple of articles for Irish publications of various sorts. Big shot. Huge. Ape. Massive. All asking for the same angle. Life in L.A. Along with a few photos. No worries. Jot down a few adventures. Shillings. Hook me up. Not realising that they all actually meant something else. Celebrities you’ve met in L.A. Along with a few photos of these celebrities. Oh right. Sounds fun. Broke the news that I’ve being living in a cave for a few weeks. So wrote them an article about all the celebrities I didn’t get to meet. Told me they’d wait until I emerged. Friday night has led me to believe that perhaps I might not be the most perceptive kind of ape to do these articles. Continue Reading »

First. Ever. Shhh.


On a serious note, I’m a fan of the crust. The heel. Start and end parts of the loaf of bread. Whichever name you like to call a rose. Some people aren’t. I am. Especially when it’s toasted. So when I just found out all I had was only one crust left, I didn’t really mind. At all, at all. In fact, couldn’t wait. Horsed it into the toaster. Checked the fridge. What I could put on it. Fridge. Bare. Once. More. Few tomatoes. Toast. Burning. Burnt. Didn’t matter. Burnt crust of toast. Sliced baby tomatoes. Washed down with a glass of gin. Could’ve been a burnt sock. Quite the feast! In fact. A celebratory feast. Why so? Drummer boy, spit it out… I finally finished a full draft of my book. First draft. Rough work draft. Rambling draft. Boney draft. Skeleton draft. According to Hemingway. The s**t one. Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Rain is pouring down in Yelle. Bucketing men. Cats. Dogs. And frogs. People don’t know what to do. Brutal weather. As in bruuutal! As in just like most days in Ireland. People are on the verge of going into meltdown if it continues. Running off to buy candles and tinned food. Just in case. Thankfully, it makes bob all difference when you live in a cave. Final hurdle of the first draft is in sight. C’mon the book of gibber, giddy up! Saying that, the gibber has been dominating the blogaruu recently. Music needs to burst through. Building up. Time for it to dance on. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »