Oddly enough, I have a book which is now rated #1 on Amazon Humour?!

Odder still, here are a few things people have said about it…

I like book, me!
–Robbie Williams

RanDumb is an intelligently put-together, often satirical analysis of the times we live in… a thoroughly entertaining read that will make you ‘LOL’ -laugh out loud – as so many have done on Mark Hayes’ blog.
–Verbal Magazine

The book is a very easy read and perfect for those of us with busy lifestyles… There is a real Ross O’Carroll-Kelly series feel to this book. Giddy up book number two!
–Evening Echo

Let's Get Ridiculous For A Minute...

Great news! This mighty beast is available from any of these links: -> Buy Book Here! -> Buy Book Here!

Kindle – > Only $3.99!

iBooks (iPad, iPhone, iPod) -> Only $3.99!

Barnes & Noble -> Only $3.99!

Smashwords (Nook, iBook) -> Only $3.99!

Publisher -> Buy Book Here!

Japanese -> Only ¥1,720!

Available elsewhere online and off but they are probably the easiest ones. Although trying to hunt it down on a few Japanese sites is also a good laugh. Seriously. For the old fashioned folk, if you live on the green isle of Ireland, my apehead should be on all good bookshelves. Bookstores. Easons. Porters. Waterstones. So on. So forth. If you live in LA, why not support the mighty bookstore Book Soup, just up the street from where I live. Amazing! Global on!!!

Back To The Book...

We all talk about it: changing our lives. What we’re going to do. Want to do. Will do. Wish we’d done. Until: Game over, flat line. Maybe next time. Randumb tells the story of an Irish Mark who one day decided to make the change. Abandoned the regular way of life. Took a shot. Gave it a shot. Left the green fields of Ireland for Hollywood. Chasing the dream. Chasing his tail.

Randumb takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through the real world of life in LA for an Irish immigrant. Random. Dumb. Models. Actors. Actresses. Parties. Porn. Orgies. Nutters. Producers. Directors. Singers. Hippies. Buckets. Leprechauns. Gay gyms. DJing. Dancing. Prancing. Drink. Drugs. Freaks. Fakes. Friends. Stand up. Knocked down. Dressed up. Stripped down. Troughs. Hills. Gutters. Stars. Highest highs. Lowest lows. Trying to make it. All the time.

From living with models to playing football with rock stars, Mark Hayes has lived the life in LA, and has an assortment of scars to prove it. The message rings out from every page: give it a go. Live life. Go with the flow. But maybe think twiceabout scat-singing, leprechaun-obsessed hippies.

Forewords from Robbie Williams, Craig Robinson and Caridee English. It is not often that a global icon, one of the world’s top comedic actors (US Office, Hot Tub Time Machine) and the winner of America’s Next Top Model come together in acknowledging an Irish published book by a debut Irish author!

3 thoughts on “Books!

  1. reading your book now.didnt pay a penny.found it in library.if worked would buy.your antics like mine.bumped into al day of my life.will return to son for ufc.he is 7 now.give it 10 years.back in the game

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