Back To Basically You’re An Ape

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A day can make a big difference in L.A. Seven of them can be huge. This time last week I was just starting to get over my freaking out period. The hump was being climbed on and giddied over. Since then, every day has been on the up. Back to the good days of L-Hey. Looking back, you would wonder why bother getting so worked up over small, small issues. A scissors? Some ape. You know 6 months down the line they will mean nothing at all. I know this, yet I was still being an ape. Once an ape… and all that. I seriously do think it was the gin comedown, a drop never again. Now that I’ve moved on from that, I need to get a few things prioritised. Unfortunately today has stagnated big time with the back to basics spoof. Now that things are being ticked off the to-do and get settled list, the slippery slope of bums-ville is creeping upon me. Continue Reading »