Clean Up That Mess


Earlier today I saw a good enough quote. Something like… “Being happy is a habit. Unfortunately so is being sad. Choose one.” Something like that. So good that I can’t even remember it fully. I remember the gist. Which got me thinking. About what it is I have been choosing lately. Not between happy or sad. Who would choose to be sad? However, then again, who would choose to be a bit of a mess. To be all over the place. Unfocused. Disorganised. Not exactly where you want to be. Constantly catching up. Scraping in the door. Disappointed in one’s performance. Disappointed in oneself. Being tapped on the shoulder by the fear on a Sunday night. Well, apparently, if you haven’t already guessed where I’m going with this, I kind of have being choosing this of late. Maybe not on purpose. Subconsciously. Generally, a bit of a mess.

I thought last night was the turning point. After watching one good movie, Up, I then chose to waste about two hours watching Adventureland straight afterwards. Thankfully, I got a sudden urge to make up for those two hours. Focus. Here comes the fear. Tapping me on the shoulder. Reminding me about the time I just wasted watching a slooow, average movie, when I should’ve been tip tap typing away on the book. And then a little boom occurred, and two thousand words popped out. Which I was pleased enough with. Seeing as it was out of the blue. So I thought that was a turning point. Time to get more organised. Sunday night fear had been dispelled. Time to plough on. Up early in the morning. Write on!

Hey Moley...

Plan did not start well. Usually, I use my phone as my alarm. No phone. No alarm. Tried to use the clock next to my bed. The battery died as I was changing the alarm time. Beeping away like a bird. Then fully dying on me. I was going to have to just hope my inner clock would work. C’mon inner clock, don’t let me down! Thankfully, it pulled a reasonable time out of the bag. I was up at a reasonable hour. Good to go. First things first. Ring the taxi company’s lost & found and hope they had my phone. This was not going to be a lengthy affair. I could not make a mountain out of this mole hill, by wasting a day to find out if they had my phone. Which was the plan. Until I realised there was nobody else in my cousin’s apartment. Which meant no phone. For me to ring the cab company and find out if they had it. By the time anyone would be back the lost & found office would be closed. Have to wait another day. I could see the mole hill starting to grow there and then.

Funk that, I’m just going to buy a new phone. Don’t care if they have it or not. Can’t waste a day on this! Off I went, power walking down to the nearest Radio Shack to buy a phone. Muttering to myself along the way. How can some people be so organised? Have all their things together? Whereas I don’t really know about certain things. Such as social security numbers. For what I need for going to the DMV for a licence. Car financing. Or leasing. Or hire purchase. Or what would be the best option for me. And a hundred similar little things. I need to turn this around. Then I might not get annoyed/bewildered by people who are so together. So organised. Everything in it’s right place. If I was like that, I would have no reason to be annoyed by their efficiency. Freaking me out. Kind of like morning people. All chirpy. All productive. And constantly telling me what it is they do before the hour of 8 in the morning. As if they wanted me to give them a medal. I go to bed late. You get up early. Well done. I would join their group for a while. Become one of them. Become organised. Clean up my mess!


It was about this point where I tried to step onto a footpath and avoid a flurry of Asian people coming towards me at the same time. While power-walking and determined to get to Radio Shack as fast as I could. Not planning on clipping the curb. And kind of tweaking my groin. And kind of tumbling. And fully falling. Flat out. On the path. Surrounded by old Asian people. Looking down on me. While I just lay there. Looking up. Being asked questions in Chinese. Or Cantonese. I can never tell. Still lying there. Down. Was I out? Was I back to being a mess, lying on the path? Taking a deep breath. And then being hauled up by an old Asian couple. Who were only up to my waist, height wise. But were two giants in my book! I was down. They pulled me back up!

Patting me on the shoulder. Presumably telling me I was fine. Dusting me down. While I felt my tweaked groin. As I regrouped the mess that was myself, they helped me to clean it all up. Staying with me until I gave them a thumbs up. Waving them goodbye. As they scurried across the road and onto the path on the far side with ease and comfort. Putting me to shame. Which is when I realised I was leaning up against something. Something which I forgot existed. A pay-phone. A phone that I could pay money to ring someone. The cab company. To check to see if they had my lost phone. And perhaps save myself money after all. And time. And guess what?! They had it. Rick had dropped it in this morning. They would drop it out to me now! The mess was being tidied up. Re-grouped. Organised. Back in the game. Rick wasn’t a prick after all!

Dumb Phone? Kind Of Smart

Well, not fully. Went back to the apartment and waited for the phone to be dropped off. Told it would cost me the fare to have it dropped out. Guy shows up in a normal car. I ask him how much, about a tenner? He says he never racked up a fare. I could buy it back for $20 though. Extortion. Kind of. Fair enough. Cheaper than a new one. Tell Rick I said thanks for handing it in anyways. I had him all wrong. Don’t thank Rick, I was told. He had tried to shop it around to the other cab drivers. Nobody wanted it though. Basic phone really. Lucky it wasn’t a smart phone, or, in all honesty, I wouldn’t have got it back. His words. At least he was honest in that regards. Shower of dodgy cab men in every other possible regard. Lesson of the day… Not so dumb not having a smart phone. Dumb phone on!

And now, I must sleep. As I am fairly tired from a fair old day of writing. Which was accomplished after the mole hill was flattened out. Mess is being mopped up. Alarm is being set. Up early tomorrow to go for a jog, walk the dog, read a book, and answer a few emails. All before 8! Song on…

(We Are) Champions – Cool Kids x Hey Champ

2 thoughts on “Clean Up That Mess

  1. THANK YOU! After all this time I thought I was the only one who gets laid out, flat on the cement after planting a wrong foot on the curb. (But I never had the Asian audience though, only a bunch of gorgeous girls having a good laugh at my expense). I can now feel better about myself. Sorry to hear that Rick is still basically a PRICK.

    Write On!

    • I think I’ll take my Asian audience over yours for this scenario. At least Rick gave me a story. And I got the phone back. Just the long roundabout way. Right on!

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