Thanks For The… Fruit?


Technically, today is Thanksgiving. Still the eve or the night before really as I still haven’t slept, but technically, it is Thanksgiving. On another technical note, it is also Thursday. Still feels like a Wednesday, but technically Thursday. Try as I might, all tomorrow will be for me, is Thursday. That I have a feeling will be like a lazy Sunday. Eating. Drinking. Lounging around. Sleepy old day. But on a Thursday. And tonight was a Wednesday. The eve of Thanksgiving. Or whatever it may be called. See, the last thing I need, or want, is an excuse. An excuse to take a break. A day-off. Chill man, it’s Thanksgiving. Your first one! You must be excited! Or so I have been told. I feign that I am, yay, wuu, can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s Thursday! Yaaay. I mean Thanksgiving. Wuu! Continue Reading »