Go Away!

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ApeDrunk packing is not a great idea. If you do ever try it while under the influence, you might end up with two odd runners, a Playstation, a tie, pair of jeans and two shirts. Thankfully, that flight to Germany was cancelled due to fog, so I ended up having a second attempt at that packing fiasco. Not a great idea to pack while drunk. However, the one upside of drunk packing is that it barely takes a minute. Hungover packing, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. If you’re an ape like myself. Continue Reading »

Hey Boy, Like Cows? Actually…

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Have you ever foolishly decided not to bother wearing a costume at Halloween? I’ll just go as I am. No need for a costume. No? Thankfully, me neither. However, I do remember two years ago I almost did. Promoting a night in a nightclub on Halloween night. Usually might only be concerned about whether the club was going to be busy or not. However, seeing as it was a banker to be a success, I was able to chill out beforehand. Have a few boozes. Which I think was the reason why myself and two other buddies decided at the very last minute that we’d better wear some sort of costume. Thank holy Jesus we did. Simply for the fact that I remember out of about 800 people in the club that night, there were only three people¬†who weren’t in costumes. Three guys in a group looking absolutely gutted. Standing out like sore thumbs. While my two buddies and I were delighted with our soccer player, chef and priest outfits. What chumps those other three guys were! Close call. Continue Reading »

Blinder, Deafer, Dumber


Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

I have a bad feeling that DJ’ing might be numbing a few of my senses. Sight is one issue. Due to a technical issue on Sunday night the only light available in the DJ booth was the glow from my laptop. Looking at that beam while otherwise shrouded in darkness. Attempting to use my phone as an extra source of light to see the mixer. Then trying to adjust my eyes whenever somebody came up to say hi or request a song. Seeing black floaters instead of people’s faces. Two people asked if I even remembered them or knew who they were when I failed to greet them as buddies. Asking me was I on something? Seemed out of it? Off your head, yeah? Yeah, I’m on laptop light, some buzz. Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Marc Johns

I believe I need to get back on the boozing horse more often. I’ve forgotten how to cope properly with even an average hangover. Unable to write an address on an envelope in the post office yesterday. Telling the woman helping me that the reason I couldn’t write properly was due to me being as hungover as a horse. For some reason forgetting to say ‘over’. Don’t think she was listening either way. Great story. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Forgot To Make A Flan



This weekend in Cork is big. Huge if you’re a plan addict. Not up there with events such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas or Halloween, but it is big enough to give you the plan making hit you need to keep you going. If you’re a plan head. Not only is it a bank holiday weekend, it’s a Jazz Festival on top. Bank holiday. Festival. 4 day weekend. 1 extra night to go out. Plan makers are foaming at the mouth as we speak. Shaking with anticipation. Taking deep breaths to calm themselves down. Running through the last minute checks to make sure everything is in order. All about the details. All about the timing. All about the plan.

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Super? Really? No


Bad Sign

No clue why, but I seem to have a fair few superstitions. Somehow I’ve managed to build up an eclectic bundle. Although I’m not fully sure if they even are superstitions. I think it may be OCD, but self diagnosis doesn’t really hold much weight. For example, the volume on the t.v or the radio has to be on an even number. Obviously it doesn’t have to be. However if I notice that the volume is on an odd number, that’s all I can think about. Gives me a slight headache. Depending on where I am, I will either just change it. Or subtly change it. Coughing, pretending something is behind the t.v that I must get, then turning it up or down a notch. Subtly. People are none the wiser. I’m sure. Super work. Continue Reading »