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… went my DJ cherry in Ireland on Saturday night. A tremendously horrendous use of an onomatopoeic title. Anyways, I think the gay dudes, in the gym back in L.A, may have raised the bar too high. And by that, I mean for their reactions to the songs and remixes I play. You can’t beat the shrill and squeal that they somehow manage to give (and a few women too, obviously) whenever a surprising remix kicks in. Or if just a good song comes on. Unfortunately, if I now do not get the same reaction to these savage songs, I think that something might be wrong. Its not though. The gig went well. As in it couldn’t really go too far wrong, and the music was good. Even managed to get some women dancing. Seemingly some women in Cork have good taste. In music. Wuu!

Again, surprising people seems to be a common factor that has begun to reoccur. “It is surprising that you were not as bad as I imagined you would be. You looked like you would’ve been bad.” Apparently this is a good thing nowadays. Although, the triple request for GMC, Tiesto, or “at least some trance” did throw me off for a song or two. Irish requests are not part of my act it seems. In fairness, I wasn’t threatened to be bottled this time. Plus, I was asked to “come to Eyebeeta with me and the gurls, we’ll show you real proper music. What’s the story with your hair?” I am looking forward to getting back to L.A fast, where I am let do my own thing, and can bask in the glow of shrills and eeks. I miss the guys.

Need to get something off my chest, which I have been meaning to say for a while… I cannot stand hanging out socks to dry. Wrecks my head. Ha, dumb. All jokes aside, I had planned on writing a very witty and celebrity filled blogaruu at this time. However, after having to hang out those socks, I am now too annoyed. Which actually goes well with the rest of the day being honest. While it is not yet over, it would appear that hanging out a heap of socks might be the most productive act I have achieved. Not a good sign if this is the highlight.

Today I had to deal with the fact that patience is needed. Rome was not built in a day. While all of what I am doing at the moment is the most important thing for me right now, it is, obviously, not the most important thing for everyone else. Felt like a wasted day, stagnated, did not progress as much as I had planned. Maybe bits and pieces were accomplished but nothing to write up about. A lot of my efforts bore the same result… pending. I wont get to find out for a few days. Or I’ll get a call/email back about it during the week. Just not today, and not right now. The juggling of two time zones is great fun too. Pending. Pen. Ding. That should’ve been the dumb title, but I am no longer a fan of the term. It had me too frustrated all day.

Also, the question which was cropping up from all angles over the weekend, started to infect my head today… “When are you going back to L.A?” Its not the fact that people are asking me that, at all, just a normal question. Not like the whole “You’re freaked!” observation. What is wrecking my head about the question, is that I still do not have an answer. It is pending. I just don’t know. Nor will I for a week or so, at least. If today was anything to go by anyways. I am in complete limbo. So thats what had me annoyed all day. Thats why I did not get much done.

Actually, I’m lying. Its not the reason. I started to cop on I’ve been like that for months, limbo on, day-to-day kind of thing. I could’ve easily ploughed on with sitcom re-writes I need to do, but it wasn’t happening, so I blamed the above for not doing it. (This appears to me as if it might unravel into a rant, so tune out now if you like, ha). I started to break down why I was so annoyed, from the moment I woke up. I woke up tired. I was tired because I did not have a great sleep. Reason for that was that I went to sleep wound up. Annoyed. Wanting to bounce my phone off the wall.

Right now, 3 things wreck my head… People who ask for favours all the time, then run for the hills if one is asked in return. Fake people. Condescending people. Combine all 3 of those into the conversation I had with one person last night. Friend of a friend. Circumstances more than buddies. Not really someone I would particularly like to hang out with. Or have to phone. However, last night I had to ring them, to get through to someone else.

Worst call ever. The dumb part is that I don’t think this person realized I would cop on to their fake, patronizing ways. After seeing this person deal with others the exact same way before though, I would be dumb not to. Funny part was this was all before I even brought up the reason for my phone call. What an ape. Not fully sure why this all annoyed me so much. I suppose I like my sleep. And do not like fake, condescending apes. End of rant.

Mondays are a magnificent laugh! Its not all fun and games with gay dudes shrieking. I would not recommend trying to write any stand-up, comedy scenes or sketches either, if you are in a frustratingly annoyed mood. If you do, pending final draft of course, they might all end up involving your phone, a pop and some ape’s head. Or, maybe the usual frustration from Dublin is just spilling over, ha. We all need a rant now and again. Or, if not a rant, at least some trance?

No trance I’m afraid. Something else to chill out to. One of the best…

Broken Social Scene

Lover's Spit - Broken Social Scene

Sans Miguel

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Being honest, now and again, I perhaps can be a bit (very) superstitious, paranoid, neurotic, estúpido, whatever you might want to call it. Nothing dumb like walking under a ladder, or a black cat running across me. That’s just dumb. My peculiarities are far more intelligent. Obviously.

For example, if I have a bad thought about something that might potentially happen in the future, I have to tap my head. Then some wood. Then my tongue. And finally my head one last time. Ha, only joking, obviously… Stupid stuff like having to play the same song first, on a playlist on my iTunes, wreck my head on a constant basis. They’re just two that happened while writing this paragraph. I have no clue at all why I even do half the stuff anymore, but in my head, if I don’t do them, I am tempting fate. Good laugh. So, with that in mind, I will just say that it has been a good week in Dubla. A productive week. Progress being made on this side of the world too. Big weeks. And baby steps. My new horrendous saying.

Moving swiftly on, my Irish stand-up debut in Dublin last Thursday was pretty funny. Maybe not so much my act, but the whole night in general. The MC could not have known that the crowd there was at least half made up of Cork folk. So, when he decided to try and mock one Cork person, only to be heckled, burnt and ridiculed back, over and over by different Cork “langers” in the crowd, it started the night off on a good note.

However, the first guy up, a dude playing a guitar and singing humorous songs related to his STD’s, did not help. At all. Purely because he was fairly good. As in actually funny. Something I was not hoping for. Setting the standard. Thankfully, the second guy up had severe anger issues. After watching the other acts in L.A, I quickly learned that alienating/abusing the crowd as a whole, is not a great route to take. From my point of view, it worked nicely. He did well freaking the crowd out enough that they would laugh at any old dope up next, as long as he wasn’t screaming at them. Happily, this was my cue. 

Since my mighty performance, feedback has been split roughly – actually, I would say exactly – down the middle. Between my buddies, and randomers afterwards coming up throughout the night, the feedback has been in two camps… “I liked it, but I thought the parts where you had banter and mocked the crowd were better, do more of that. It was good though, I was surprised” … “Funny enough, but you should stick to your routine more, keep to your own jokes. You kind of did too much stuff with the crowd. Well done though”. Seriously, it has been right down the middle. So, only fair thing to do is take bits from each feedback, and say it was a roaring success! The cherry has been popped.

Cold light of day, I need to ramble less, have more of an act (which I’ve figured out, wuu) and ensure that an angry, psychotic, weird little guy is on just before me. I might ask him if he wants to start a double act. Just one where we’re never on the same stage at the same time. Should go well. And, if anyone is wondering, by far the last guy up was the funniest. Hilarious older guy, who slaughtered two English dudes in the front row. Who were actually Australian, but nobody cared at the time. 

One good thing to almost come out of the stand-up, was the issue I have with Dublin. However, unfortunately, she was not my type. Still though, an interesting light was shone on the performance angle. Not that it made a difference. I think the ratio in Dublin is off kilter (what a brutal excuse!)

One last thing that I found funny on the night, is of how many people love asking me… “How much do you make for all this?” For all what? “All this, the stand-up, the DJ stuff, the blog, how much do you make?” Ha, how much do you make? “Ah thats different, I just want to know how much you make” Which is just a dumb conversation I had a few times that night. However, I will now divulge how much I did make for the stand-up gig.

Just as the night was finishing up, news was breaking that Michael Jackson has just died. Around this time, the organizer of the night came up to me, thanks for doing it and all that, here’s the money, and slipped it into my hand. Then, he quickly scurried off. I was finding out if the news about his death was true, so didn’t even check the wad for a few minutes. When I did, I started to laugh. €20. Wuu! No wonder he ran off so fast. That is going in my next act, some funking joke.

The blog has been in hiatus for a few days. Still though, song of the day will have to be a tribute to Michael Jackson. Fair enough he might not have been a saint or anything, but, for me, definitely the greatest entertainer ever. And this song showed he could still produce gems!

Michael Jackson

 You Rock My World

Lack Of Action

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I shall not lie, I have never really gotten on well with Dublin. Or in, to be exact. Probably not for reasons which other people may have either. Proper city, multi-cultured, variety, more than a handful of clubs and pubs, all of that stuff that you would expect from a big city. However, something always bugged me about Dublin. And, being honest, I know exactly why. It is the home of my kryptonite. I never have any joy here. At all. If you know what I mean. Obviously there are plenty of reasons why this might occur, but anywhere else in the world, these factors do not seem to all converge together at once. Whatever it may be, no matter how hard I try, I just never clicked with Dublin, in that sense. 

Worst part of all, is that the talent up here is pretty good. In fact, today for example, it was fairly savage. Once again though, I got a sign that the lack of action streak would continue for me up here. While walking down Grafton Street, I was trying to multi-task. Phone and bottle of water in one hand. A banana, apple and iPod in my other hand. (Wallet, tic-tacs and notepad in my pockets, so I was weighed down). Trying to eating a second full banana, hands free, so it was sticking out of my mouth. And all the time, trying to get through the busy street towards Temple Bar, while admiring the hot women that were window shopping. It was a lot of multi-tasking. Which I managed to do well. Until I walked into one of the waist high poles that are along the street.

Seeing as, obviously, I never saw the pole, I was fairly surprised at why there was a sudden, sharp, sickening pain coming from my groin area. I thought somebody had kicked me in the rucksack. And left their foot there. My first reaction was to give an inquisitive… Awww?…  which, in turn, forced the full banana to pop out of my mouth, and onto the ground. Trying to grab the banana, I almost sent my iPod flying which made me grab out and fling an apple across the street. Kindly, an old lady picked up the now  3/4’s left banana off the gorund, and handed it back to me. Which I had to throw into the bin, not being a fan of dirt. And I think she took that as insulting, somehow.  

The whole affair was slapstick, brutal and dumb as funk. Two girls who were window shopping next to me, just stood there and gave me a pitiful look. I think they might have thought I was actually remedial in some way. Not far off, perhaps. I was in too much pain to try and pretend to be cool, walk it off, so I just told them… I’m cool girls, come on, I swear, I am coool, give me another chance! Too late. Once again, trying too hard. That all too familiar sign, which I always get in Dublin. Not going to happen buddy. The pole in the groin is the most action I will be getting up here.

Not to worry though, progress being made on other fronts. Managed to get around to a load of different places today, network on, my level of information and knowledge is growing more and more. Plus, a meeting has been arranged in RTE for this Friday, happy days. And, also, last night I got good news about visa options. I know have two routes available to me. Depends on a few factors, but looking promising. To an extent.

One area, where I might not be as ready as I thought I might have been, is for my stand-up gig tomorrow night. Being honest, I thought I’d get 7 minutes together fairly quickly, an hour or two. Bob hope. I can talk away for 7 minutes fine. It is just not 7 minutes of laughter. In fact, from what I have tried out so far on my able guinea pig (go on the Rink) I do not think I even got 7 laughs. Or half laughs. The best, so far, has been, “Yeah, that might be good. Just don’t use it in the stand-up.” My best joke didn’t even get a half laugh! I am goosed.

Now that I think about it though, he could be wrong. Actually, he is definitely wrong. The blame for the lack of laughter, like the lack of action, is obviously not down to the quality of jokes. Or myself. It is blatantly the people I am wasting these golden lines on. Just not cool or clever enough to get them, I suppose. Obviously. (Worst part of all this is, I am thinking of using that tomorrow night. Oh sweet Jesus).

Song of the day…

Knotty Pine

Knotty Pine - Dirty Projectors & David Byrne

I’d Shake Your Hand, But…

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Today has been ridiculously long. Especially seeing as I had no alarm this morning to wake me up. Instead, and a smarter option looking back, I just kept waking up every two minutes throughout the night, in fear I had slept in. A magnificent sleep. Thankfully, I managed to make it on time to the shindig on in RTE today, so well done to me. On achieving something so basic as waking up early and getting somewhere before 10.

Being honest, I can’t fully figure out if today was actually good, could’ve been better, or just normal. Maybe I am too tired. Or maybe the fact I have absolutely nothing to judge most things off these days, might be the main factor. I have bob all yardsticks lying around. Plough on. It was an open day for producers to meet and greet the commissioning editors in RTE. Good opportunity to go along and network. Cool enough, on in a studio, lights, cameras, all that. (It shows how much I need a yardstick, seeing as that was cool to me). Pretty good to hear what they had to say, what they were looking for, what they were not looking for etc.

I also managed to have my meeting, meant for Thursday, with a commissioning editor who was interested in hearing more about my project. Although, when he told me that he focused on ‘Observational Documentaries”,  “Wildlife” and “Regional” programs, it was clear that I was approaching the wrong department (which I had figured out from checking up before I went, but any foot in the door was my line of thinking). However, he did tell me who to go to and talk to the commissioning editor suitable for my show. Plus he said he would email them first with his thoughts. Finally, he told me he was a fan of the working title for the project. Then he got called up to address the audience, and that was it. Unfortunately, this got me thinking. Was he a fan of just the title? Or did like the rest too, but really liked the title? Or which? The lack of sleep had (has) me paranoid, ha.

Off I went, to hunt down the appropriate commissioning editor, who I knew to see from his presentation earlier. The mingling with the editors was scheduled for in the afternoon, so a few more presentations were made, then first break for coffee. I must say, it is tough enough, initially at least, knowing who to go mingle with, in such a limited time frame. Seeing as I have no clue who anyone actually is, so completely clueless as to which person works for which production company. Again, I could be speaking to a guy or girl looking to produce a wildlife show, and it wouldn’t really be beneficial to me. However, at the main lunch, I made a few contacts, and it was looking to be a useful trip. If only I could catch the editor I wanted, one on one.

Did so much networking and talking during the main lunch, that I only managed to eat an apple. Gutted. All that free food too. Headed back for one more presentation before the different editors did a Q&A, must just pop into the bathroom first. So, usual malarky, standing there, doing my thing, staring at the wall, only person in there. Half a minute later, somebody else comes in and does his thing next to me. I look to my left, and, yes you have guessed correctly… the Nazi dude I sold the Shamwows to! Ha, nay, however, it was the commissioning editor I had been looking to speak with, one on one.

While finishing up, I was trying not to stare as I doubled check to make sure it was the right guy. At this stage, I am now to his left, using the hand dryer, subtly looking to my right (as subtle as one can be in a small enough bathroom). He probably thought I was checking him out. When I saw it was definitely the person I was looking for, I actually started laughing. Which I stopped quickly. In case he thought I was laughing at him in some way. So it’s just a blurt out laugh. Very normal, if you were an outsider looking in. Should I introduce myself to him now, while I have the chance, and have it as a highly awkward moment. Or wait until he at least finishes up? Or just wait until later for the allocated time slot, like everyone else?

Obviously, I did what any sane person would do. I waited for him in the hallway outside the bathroom. Like a weirdo, with a big smile. My charming, mingling smile. Worked well. I think. Maybe. No clue. Managed to say my piece, and he said he’d be interested to hear more, always looking for new ideas etc. sounded like it would suit his department. The way it worked was that it goes through his development editor first, so he gave me her email, set up a meeting, and we’ll take it from there. See, not sure if this was me being passed on again and again. Or if that is just the way it works. We shall see.

Found out that the first meet and greet was with the children’s section editor, so I decided to head to the canteen to get food. The canteen reminded me of being back in L.A actually. Kind of. In the sense that I recognized the person sitting next to me from being on t.v. I also recognized the quite good looking girl to my left, from earlier on at the first coffee break. Time for more networking… Hi (dopey mingling smile) I saw you earlier, by the coffee stuff, in Studio one? “Yeah, just taking a break now, long day” Yeah, very long, I’m wrecked, way too long… all that small talk. Seeing as the buzz at the main lunch was “Are you busy, working away?” I also enquired, which she said she was, very. How about me, what was I up to?

She had given me the green light, so I launched into a spiel about what I am doing, trying this, that and the other. Which she seemed to think was interesting, was I working on anything? This could be handy, maybe team up with a production company. Again, as she gave me the green light, told her about the sitcom I am working on, looking to get feedback while I am back in Ireland etc. And then, seeing as I had blown on about myself for long enough, I asked what she was working on, did she have many shows in production? Which, was met by a puzzled expression… “I work as part of the catering. I’m on my break.” No funking way. Seriously? Again, had to laugh.

The tiredness levels are high, so time to wrap up. If anyone is looking for a professional looking caterer, I now have the number for a good one. And, yes, he did wash his hands. I think. Not sure. Maybe. Did I?

Cool new song…


I'm A Pilot - Fanfarlo

Just Plain Rude

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Rapid fire time, just to get them out, feeling funked and have to get up early tomorrow. Proper early too. As in 9 – 5 early. What a disaster. 

We all have people who come up to us when we’re out, and annoy the funk out of you. They think they’re hilarious, or its joint banter, or that you have any clue what they are actually on about. Or, if they are a girl, they seem to think you might like them deep down, so them being a complete ape, won’t really matter. Well, I found a nice subtle way to stop this from occurring. Without being too rude. In the real world at least.

Simple really. Just delete them from your online social networks. It works a treat. I stumbled upon it before with Bobo, and realized it had worked Saturday night too from a deleted Spacebook link. Happy days. The likelihood that someone will come up and ask “Did you delete me?” are very slim. And if they actually were to ask, then maybe they’re not as bad as you thought after all. At least they didn’t shy away and all that. I imagine quite a few people are deleting me right now as we speak. The good news is, that it will work!

One plus lately, is that the blog is serving one of its functions. That is, I do not have to repeat stories or incidents over and over to all of my buddies. Some of them actually read it, good work. If someone might ask me a question, and I reply with a sentence that is basically a summary of a blogaruu, they might cut me off with “Oh yeah, I read that actually.” Which is very handy. Good work by the blog. Obviously, on the other hand, they might have come up with a good way of just cutting off my boring story. One sentence is all they need to hear, before they feel themselves getting lulled in and a bout of boredom approaching, so just pretend to have read it. Good work by them.

In a similar vein, I can now use the blog to cull a potentially boring story, which I might be expected to sit through. If the story is set up for being crap, and deep down I am sure the storyteller knows it is a bad story as well, like a lot of mine are too, obviously, I can simply take out a notebook and pen, and start writing stuff down. This distracts the storyteller… “What are you writing down?” … Oh, I’m just going to do a blog later on how crap this story is, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, keep going. So far, this has worked well. It is win-win really, we both get a laugh, no crap story is mentioned, and he can then feel free to use “Good one, put that in your blog” in a sarcastic tone from there on in. 

Have you had ever had a full blown conversation with someone, and have no clue who they were? Happened to me earlier, while walking into a shop. Walking in, some random guy greets me with a knowing nod and “How’s it going man?!” So I greeted him back with a cautious nod, and tried to think of how I might know him. The first few things out of his mouth ticked a few boxes… “U.C.C… soccer… you were gone away a while were you? I didn’t get a chance to talk to you the other day.” Which, made me think, maybe, no this sounds right, I do know you actually, how is it going man?! Yeah, just back, baa, baa… all that jazz. Conversation veered off then a tad, when I was informed that “Joe opened up a new studio upstairs, are you still taking photos yourself?” Eh, you’re losing me a bit, photos? On my disposable camera or which? At this stage, I started thinking I might not know him after all. I was going to the first floor, he was going to the second, as I turned off, he gave me a good luck nod, and “I’ll see you at soccer tomorrow shur, you played well last week!”

“Played well” and “last week” confirmed my suspicions… he is not on about me, someone else entirely. I think the look of realization on my face, might have made him click on too, judging from his facial expression. Anyways, when I came back out of the shop, he was outside as well. Had to tell him… Buddy, I think we were way off with the conversation earlier, I’ve no clue who you are. “Yeah, I realized that as I went up the stairs. You must have the same hair as a friend of mine.” Good work by both of us. Good duck.

Final bit of gibberish, is about how some people are actually just plain rude. Seriously. On the train up to Dublin earlier, no matter how many times I pretended to be on the phone, or put my iPod on, or pretend to be asleep, this guy just insisted on starting up conversations with me. Just rude. Christofa, in future, please cop on.

The whole point of this gibberish. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a slot in the open mic stand-up this Tuesday in Dublin. I had my 3 minute set almost good to go. However, instead, while coming up on the train, I was offered a 7 minute slot in their main show on Thursday. Oh Jesus. 7 minutes, if you do not know, is a big difference than preparing for a 3 minute one.

What you endured above were a few incidents that occurred over the past few days, that I had to rustle together on the train. Reason being, I now need to double my new material for the show. Unknowingly, Christofa got my brain working, good work by him. Quantity wise at least. Quality wise… dear God, I am funked. It will be a long, uncomfortable 7 minutes for all involved. I cannot wait!

Two songs to appease you after that funbelievable gibberish! (Give the first one a few seconds to kick in, patience people!)


I Want You Back - Discovery

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Bob Hope, Bob Dole, and Bob Hoff!

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I have yet to see the movie “The Hangover”. However, I have been told it is brilliant, hilarious, and some other complimentary adjective which eludes my tired brain at this point. So, after waking up this morning, it is safe to say that the movie is in no way related to, or set in, Ireland. Today was my first proper hangover since being home, and I woke up with the hope completely gone. Depressing, painful, and regretful, it would make a horrendous movie. Not even the regret of… oh no, not her, again. Even worse, the more common regret in Cork… ugh, why did I bother going out. Someone had burst my bubble, I was after being infected. However, I found a cure within minutes. Gay gym remix on! I was back again, oddly and annoyingly optimistic!

Speaking of which, I must say mucho gracias to Jim Magilton for hooking me up with le gymnasium. And, on an unrelated subject, how wonderful the gym in the hotel near my house is, you should really check it out if you can. Ha. Anyways, I figured out last night, that if someone uses the term “Ah, I’m only joking” after a statement made to you, they are, without a shadow of a doubt, not joking. It would appear to me as well, that some people have double standards when it comes to mocking, and being mocked back in return. As in ‘Jesus, your hair is atrocious” being retaliated with… Thanks, the smell of curry from your fake tan blends in nicely with your b.o…  to me, at least, is tit for tat. Others do not seem to think so. Bald people mocking my hair, on the other hand, is funny.

Another thing which I realized last night, and I am sure everyone knows this already, is that gimps who pretend to be buddy buddy with you when they are sober, then have as many snakey pops off you while they are drunk, are the biggest gimps of all. Ah, I’m only joking. Seriously though, funking apes. Final thing which I noticed, en route home, was that my cab man looked like he kept on dozing off at the wheel. Actually, he was dozing off at the wheel, there was no looked like it about it. It was bizarre. I think he was on heroine. Seriously. Ha. And, once again, I am only joking. Although, in his defense, I did most of the talking on the way home, so I might have bored him to sleep.

Since the last blogaruu, progress has been made on a few fronts. In case you might be wondering, like I am myself now, what these fronts are… 1. Getting back to L.A to shoot some scenes 2. Building up as many contacts as I can back here in Ireland 3. Acting/writing/stand-up/D.J opportunities. 

Getting back to L.A – a phone meeting was held with a visa lawyer in Yankland. Apparently there are 3 possible visa routes available to me, pending certain factors. Bizarrely, these are now related to writing and D.J’ing, looks like my Masters is no longer of any use, entertainer on! Since a few people were genuinely concerned for me last night about this department, I must ring back again tomorrow to learn more, so updates will be forthcoming. And, seeing as others were genuinely wanting me back out of Cork as soon as possible, those updates will also be for you.

Making contacts and networking – Firstly, people in Ireland do not give themselves enough credit. I am still split on why this is… modesty, or lack of confidence. Some people, if you ask them for advice, will modestly tell you that they don’t know anything, shur I’m only X, Y or Z. Yeah, actually, you’re far further up the ladder than I am, any help will do. Over in Hollywood, people are dispensing advice all over the place. Obviously a lot of it is waffle, but better to have too much advice thrown at you, then none at all.

Thinking about it, maybe them being modest is why they got a bit of success. Nothing worse than being a cocky fool, who thinks they know it all, and have nothing to back it up with. We all know plenty of fools like that. Just like… Moving on, some people have been hooking me up as well, giving me nuggets of info, so I have a few things lined up for this week up in Dubla. Boring, rambling update really, ha.

And as many fingers in as many pies update… my DJ’ing debut in the Emerald Isle is lined up next Saturday in Cork! Re de de, how will my laptop and I get on. Will people be baying for some gay gym remixes. Or will they want to bottle me for not playing proper rock. Or will people even show up. You must be so nervous for me. Oh. My. God. Like Rent, Spud, Sick Boy and my cab man last night, my cash flow is in need of the injection, so happy days. And, still waiting for it to be confirmed, but hopefully I’ll be making my stand-up debut up in Dublin this Tuesday. Which should be hilarious. In a bald people mocking my hair kind of way. Oh Jesus.

As my notebook have been full for the past few days, I have had nothing to write my gibberish down on and remind me of at a later date, so thats about it for now. I need a better phone too, where I can just write stuff at length into it, instead of having to save texts of gibberish to myself. If there is any Jim out there wanting to hook me up, think of the magnificent, hidden, shrouded plug you might get in return. Well worth it!

And, speaking of which, last bit… ALESSANDRO, there is your shout out for recommending a name for the book or sitcom. Just after remembering too, but seeing as one guy cried on the spot, a la acting class, and another quoted a few lines from the blog, CRYING DUDE and STRIPEY SHIRT, there are your mentions! Happy days all round. I am a big fan of yours too. Ah, I’m only joking.

Two songs of the weekend, from the same band which I only just found…

Miike Snow - Animal

Animal - Miike Snow

Faker - Miike Snow