Every now and again I like to hop off my procrastination horse. Rare. However, when I do, some visual gibber is edited together. Making up the odd vlogaruu. Up to this point, I’ve managed two. Aboot one a year. Wuu. Go me! Astonishingly amazing. I know. Thank you. Here is the gibber I’ve churned out so far…

Vlog – Randumb Episode 1:

And one year earlier, my first attempt. By the by. I’m not drunk. I’m just speaking Irish…

Vlog In Irish:

And now my first attempt at reading from my book Randumb…

Book On!

Second attempt. Turned into a poem…


More poems the merrier. Mighty stand-up highlight!


Pre-production meeting. Sitcom on?!


Recruiting fellow Irish folk…

Randumb Recruitment

In awe of butter. Ireland is starting to dominate Hollywood…

Pure Irish Butter

Gibbering on at the LA Book Festival…

Watch Me Wow!

Made my first ever Short Short Feature Length Short Filum!

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