What Is This Gibber All Aboot?

Enough Talk, More Writing is a blog about the random dumb adventures of an Irish guy in L.A, describing what happens when one charismatic but clueless Irish dreamer refuses to accept his fate and goes on an adventure that would make Indiana Jones feel the need for a bit of a lie down. With breathtaking swagger Mark Hayes lifts the lid on the real Los Angeles and lives the life… so you don’t have to. But be warned: this book might inspire you to change your life too. Random. Dumb. Adventure. On!

This blog has been adapted into two books so far, RanDumb (the #1 Amazon Humor Bestseller, with a foreword by Robbie Williams) and the sequel RanDumber!
Welcome to La-La Land. Your guide: Irish dreamer, schemer, drinker, thinker, bon viveur, enfant terrible, raconteur and fan of foreign words in italics, Mark Hayes. Strap yourself in for a wild and hilarious ride around America’s craziest city with Ireland’s craziest writer.
Bored and tired of his successful career back home, Mark Hayes knows there has to be something worth living for. Something more than running a translation business and buying new T-shirts on the internet. Even though they’re very nice T-shirts.
His dream: to be a famous actor-slash-writer. His own star on Hollywood Boulevard (between Lionel Ritchie and Dolly Parton would be acceptable). A Beverly Hills mansion with a model in every bedroom. Enough booze to float his luxury yacht on.
Determined to make it happen, Mark leaves behind Ireland’s green and pleasant land and moves to LA to chase his dream, to have it all – parties and glamour and girls and fame and the bright, shining lights of Hollywood, the whole world at his feet…

Adventures include:

  • Stand-up
  • Cougars
  • Leprechaun lovers
  • Book writing
  • Book whuring
  • Shamwows
  • Nazis
  • Music
  • Hip-hop feuds
  • Hangovers
  • Private jets
  • Public buses
  • Private yachts
  • Maybe a bit here, there, what where on the opposite sex.
  • And plenty of dancing. Obviously. Dance on!

If you are looking for a way to procrastinate through your day, you are in luck. You could buy the first mighty book here.The Popular Gibber might give you a feel for the humour of the blog. Most read and all that. Or, if you want to take the plunge and start from the beginning, Start Of It All is where to go. If you want to reach out and touch the blogaruu in any way either leave a comment (comment on!) or here’s the Contact page. Follow my gibber on Twitter too if you like here.

Anyway… Enough Talk, More Writing! Read on!

Urban Spaceman

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Writing Material Copyright  (c) 2009 – 2011 Mark Hayes

19 thoughts on “Aboot?

  1. Hey Dude,
    Heard you on 96fm this morning, had to read your blog, Great read keep it up. So sad about the bucket , I hope you find someone else maybe a nice Dodge Ram or Jeep.

  2. The Trickaduu Fund is in the making, we cant leave u go hungry(or thirsty,we are Irish after all!)…..can I also jst say*pulling one thought frm deep within my memory bank*….I think ur a great actor!No lies……*thought bubble rises above Jellybabys head back to the days of the first Collingwood win in ye ould Western Star Tavern, where, under the influence of beer and its goggles, and the unyielding charm of one Trickster Hayes, she was thoroughly conviced that he was indeed his older brother and not the Trickaduu Hayes she wud grow to know further along the line of higher education!* So congrats….I see an Oscar in your future sir….haha

  3. Howdy partner!..heard you on 96fm this morning!…I like the idea of what your doing..great shtuff!!…best of luck with evrything…time ti read on!!…from your fellow Corkonian…


  4. Mark,

    I had no idea until I came upon your blog that we had the same theme. I just started blogging so I’m sure that you had it first. I had no intention to “steal” it from you, lol. Once I get the hang of this wordpress thing, I’ll change it soon.

    • Cheers Coogee98! Sequel almost good to go. If you ever get a chance, a review on Amazon.com would be mighty!!!

      Book on!

  5. Meas mòr Tricks – I always knew you had it in you to become a professional dumb-ass, but you still had to go out there and do it, fair fooks sham. I’m off to Amazon to buy the book (the second hand one for €0.87 that is). Ironically, I just finished 100 years of solitude – I think this is will be a fitting follow-on read…

    Proud to say I was in tow when the seed was sewn on the East Coast in ’03. Hey, any sign of Timbo out there? Ye’d make a great double act…

    • Mr Gleeson, how are the fussball tricks?! Get on that 87 cent bargain, some steal. Some man for a cheap option too. Timbo is on his way over, left a few weeks ago by boat, hopefully he’ll make it in one piece. He is T…

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