Halfway… Hiberna… Duuper!

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Let’s just say Ireland was like rehab. A recovery period. Quiet. Peaceful. Not much temptation. Not much to do. Few distractions. Normality. Regular way of life. Now let’s just say L.A is the complete opposite. Beyond belief the complete opposite. I think the mistake I made initially was coming straight back into the bizarre but brilliant old world of L.A. Two feet straight in at the deep end. Swimming in a sea of temptation and randomness. Barely able to keep my head above water. Too high. Too fast. Too much bizarreness. Too much, eh, brilliantness. I had slowly weaned my way off the high of L.A while back in Ireland, that the sudden monster hit I had when I arrived back almost made me over-dose. All figuratively speaking. Obviously. Continue Reading »