Enough Talk, More Music!!!


I have neglected these of late. I need to get back into a routine of some sort. Time is slipping away. Just wasted a couple of hours watching Adventureland. Slow beyond belief. Not too shabby in places. Too slow though. Some good songs. Anyways, enough talk, more music!!!

1. I Don’t Feel It Anymore (George Raquet Remix) – William Fitzsimmons

Random Useless Fact: Both of his parents are blind. 

2. Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

R.U.F: Recently chosen by Phoenix to remix one of their songs, ‘Lasso’, on their remix album.

3. Zorbing – Stornoway

R.U.F: Intelligent band. On paper at least. One member has a PhD, another has a masters degree. 

4. Cornerstone – Arctic Monkeys

R.U.F: This may be my favourite video so far this year. Amazingly useless! Watch it here.

5. Even Think (Andrew W. K Remix) – Drink Up Buttercup

R.U.F: You can download this for free here. Not so useless after all.

2 thoughts on “Enough Talk, More Music!!!

    • They are little gems alright! I have a fair few more, must make the time to do more of these. Undecided on #5 for a while but what a great song! #1 as well, the remix works well.

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