Hermit The Hog


Flutes – Hot Chip

Wake up.

Slide out of bed.

Onto my knees.

Groan. Continue Reading »

Suge Knight To… Doris Day?


Over & Over – Hot Chip

To my naked eye, it would appear that Memorial Day weekend is the time Americanos like to booze and booze until they can’t remember a thing. Thankfully, I remembered it all. Starting with Saturday night. DJigging. Mighty hoot. Until. Manager asks us to shut down the music. Crowd were going too nuts. Testosterone flying off the walls. Estrogen dominating the dance floor. Not enough security to control them. Dose. Shut down. At least we got to finish earlier than anticipated. Happy days. Celebrate on! Last call. Left the bar. Strolling home. Myself. Chowder. Ted. Trying to flag down a cab. No joy. Stroll past my old street. Old haunt at the top. Shop of Bodies. Big Jim. Head bouncer. Long time no see. Shouts over. Where’s my free book, Irish man?! Where’s my dignity, Big Jim!? Before we know it, Jim is twisting arms. Come in for a drink. Nay, not a fan any more! Twists: Free in! Ehh. Can’t remember the last time we were here actually. One drink? Why not? Never hurt anyone! Famous last words. Continue Reading »

Yippity Duu!


Presuming you’re an avid reader of the blogaruu, you’ll know the significance of this great blogaruu coming up. Down date time. Mighty. Delighted. Finally. After months of gibber. Nonsense. Muck. Wading. Swamping. Wriding. Couple near mental wobbles. Eventually. I think. The book. Done. Giddy up! Wuu to the duu. Happy days. Celebrate on. Finishing the book does wonders for banishing the green monkeys after a night of boozing as well. Nice little side effect. Goodbye demons of Doubt. Beaten off. Gone. Spark reignited. Pep in my step. Welcome back. Head down. Ploughing on. Speaking of which. Mo-jo. Flooding back. No more choosing to write a quick chapter which just popped into my head, over a girl lying in my bed. Two secs there, just have to write down one thing. Just in case I forget. Which, quite obviously, is spoof. Seeing as that implies, that there was once a girl in my bed. Tut. I am a spoofing ape. Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Currently. Sitting on a wooden step. Top of my stairs. Trying in vain to watch the tie breaker between Federer and Murray. Keep losing the wireless signal. My house is a skeletor. Bare. Empty. Nada. Moving apartments this weekend. I move tomorrow. Travel light. Two suitcases. A desk. My roommate has everything else. Moved to her new abode today. Coming back tomorrow for the bed. Also kindly left me a fork and a bowl. All one needs. Although the lack of a seat is more annoying than I imagined. And my neighbour’s wireless won’t reach as far as my bed. Gone are the days of borrowing milk and sugar. I think he may have turned it off on me. Just disappeared. Wuu. Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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The music posts have been slacking as of late. After a quiet enough day today, it is time to bring them back. Seeing as buckets of music, and I mean buckets, have been pouring in! On a side note, if anyone is stuck as to what to get me for Christmas, ahem, external hard-drive could be handy… Anyways, enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »

Simply Don’t. Probably Wont.


Over the past few days I have realised that there is a bucket load of things I don’t quite understand. And probably wont. Ever. Perhaps better off not. Such as, wearing jeans in the gym. Not to the gym. But actually in the gym. Working out. On a thread mill. Going all out. Hell for leather. Also wearing what can also only be described as a sports bra. Or else a very, very, very small and tight belly top kind of piece of clothing. I didn’t get it. And I never will. Particularly as the person in question was a guy. Bizarre enough to say the least. Not a fan of using a thread mill as it was. This incident ensured that I won’t be trying them out again too soon. Although, being honest, even if it was a girl, a good-looking girl to up the ante even more, I still wouldn’t get the wearing jeans in a gym part. Continue Reading »