Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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The music posts have been slacking as of late. After a quiet enough day today, it is time to bring them back. Seeing as buckets of music, and I mean buckets, have been pouring in! On a side note, if anyone is stuck as to what to get me for Christmas, ahem, external hard-drive could be handy… Anyways, enough talk, more music!!!

1. Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Remix) – Bill Withers

This was on the blogaruu yesterday. Too good. Needs to be replayed more!

Random Useless Fact: Bill can be found working as a gardener in his local neighbourhood! Isn’t that amazing!!!

2. One Life Stand – Hot Chip

R.U.F: While looking for one for this song, I just read that Nothing Compares 2 U was written by Prince! Not Sinead O’ Connor. Random. Useless.

3. Blood – Middle East

R.U.F: The band is actually from the land down under.

4. Maps And Compasses – Goodnight Owl

R.U.F: Also shining from Oztralia!

5. Untitled (Hijack Remix) – DJ Falcon

I would not recommend having this song on if you’re shopping for Christmas presents online. An enabler for impulse buys!

R.U.F: Has a side project band with one half of Daft Punk, called Together.

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