Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Currently. Sitting on a wooden step. Top of my stairs. Trying in vain to watch the tie breaker between Federer and Murray. Keep losing the wireless signal. My house is a skeletor. Bare. Empty. Nada. Moving apartments this weekend. I move tomorrow. Travel light. Two suitcases. A desk. My roommate has everything else. Moved to her new abode today. Coming back tomorrow for the bed. Also kindly left me a fork and a bowl. All one needs. Although the lack of a seat is more annoying than I imagined. And my neighbour’s wireless won’t reach as far as my bed. Gone are the days of borrowing milk and sugar. I think he may have turned it off on me. Just disappeared. Wuu. Anyways, enough talk, more music!

1. VCR (Matthew Dear Remix) – The xx

Random Useless Fact: Until November 11th 2009, they were a four-piece. Then. Keyboardist left. Exhaustion. Now. A three-piece suit.

2. I Feel Better – Hot Chip

Now at the bottom of the stairs.

R.U.F: Originally met at Elliot School. Which is where the members of the xx also went to school. Amazing.

3. Odessa – Caribou

R.U.F: Used to go by the name Manitoba. Until he was sued by Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba. Chose the name Caribou while on LSD. In the Canadian wilderness. Supposedly. You can download for free by clicking on the magical here button. Too many random useless facts.

4. So Bored – Wavves

On the floor. By the front door. Come on the wireless signal!

R.U.F: Singer has a classic rap blog called Ghost Ramp. Download the song… Here

5. King Of Spain – The Tallest Man On Earth

R.U.F: This is a folking great song! Oh Jesus.

And, in case you were wondering, wooden stairs are not as comfortable as one might think. Floor by the front door. Not too bad. Front door step outside. Pretty horrendous. And. Lost the internet connection. At. 10-9. Mighty. Go on the Fed.

Just heard this song, added sombre bonus…

6. He Was Worse Than The Needle He Gave You – The Delta Mirror

R.U.F: Band started as a hip-hop project.

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