Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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The music posts have been slacking as of late. After a quiet enough day today, it is time to bring them back. Seeing as buckets of music, and I mean buckets, have been pouring in! On a side note, if anyone is stuck as to what to get me for Christmas, ahem, external hard-drive could be handy… Anyways, enough talk, more music!!! Continue Reading »

Connie & The Connor


After a mighty night on Friday, I woke up early-ish Saturday to play a DJ gig with my buddy. Slowly opening my eyes expecting to see the gin monkey lurking. However, oddly, nowhere to be seen. As in nowhere whatsoever. In fact, I was dancing. Normal hangover. Tired. Flash points of incidents coming back throughout the day. A lot of ‘Oh yeah!’ And rambling. Our drive down to the Porsche store where we were playing was full to the brim with endless and non-stop rambling on to each other. Coherent rambles. Just non-stop. Each of us taking the baton for every ten minute change. Good old hoot. Not such a great hoot when I realised I forgot my headphones for the four hour gig, but I survived. Daytime DJ gigs on! Continue Reading »