Yippity Duu!


Presuming you’re an avid reader of the blogaruu, you’ll know the significance of this great blogaruu coming up. Down date time. Mighty. Delighted. Finally. After months of gibber. Nonsense. Muck. Wading. Swamping. Wriding. Couple near mental wobbles. Eventually. I think. The book. Done. Giddy up! Wuu to the duu. Happy days. Celebrate on. Finishing the book does wonders for banishing the green monkeys after a night of boozing as well. Nice little side effect. Goodbye demons of Doubt. Beaten off. Gone. Spark reignited. Pep in my step. Welcome back. Head down. Ploughing on. Speaking of which. Mo-jo. Flooding back. No more choosing to write a quick chapter which just popped into my head, over a girl lying in my bed. Two secs there, just have to write down one thing. Just in case I forget. Which, quite obviously, is spoof. Seeing as that implies, that there was once a girl in my bed. Tut. I am a spoofing ape.

One Sentence Is Too Much

Fairly surprised at how quick my book-lag was whipped 180º. Living in LA. Yet living on Irish time. Over. Friday night I woke up at midnight. Good for the body clock. Still though. Somehow. Monday. Woke up at 8 in the morning. Up before half past. Way too early, but still. Night time living no more. Sun is back in my life. Daytime somehow is back in full bloom. Making me realise. Night-time living may be bizarre, but daytime is exhausting. Struggling to stay awake. Blogaruus have been on hold. Stories are building up. Batman. Bad guy from the Goonies. The what now. Black abyss. Not so black anymore. Unfortunately. Threads are bare. Fully missing. Naked fat man is tired. Goosed. Funked. Little in the tank. Even one sentence would’ve been enough for all this gibberish… I have finished writing, editing, and re-writing my book. Done. And. Dumb. Yippity. Duu. 

All In All, Hilarious & Musical!

Giddy up le blogaruu as well. Shortlisted now for two awards. Music and Humour. This blogaruu in particular should definitely help my case in the humour category. Start to finish… absolutely hysterical. Well done me. At least I can wrap her up with a song. Which was playing as I finished up tip tap tapping le book on Sunday. And I’m actually surprised it has never made an appearance before. Once again. Great story. High five. Go. Me.

And I Was A Boy From School – Hot Chip

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