Yippity Duu!


Presuming you’re an avid reader of the blogaruu, you’ll know the significance of this great blogaruu coming up. Down date time. Mighty. Delighted.¬†Finally. After months of gibber. Nonsense. Muck. Wading. Swamping. Wriding. Couple near mental wobbles. Eventually. I think. The book. Done. Giddy up! Wuu to the duu. Happy days. Celebrate on. Finishing the book does wonders for banishing the green monkeys after a night of boozing as well. Nice little side effect. Goodbye demons of Doubt. Beaten off. Gone. Spark reignited. Pep in my step. Welcome back. Head down.¬†Ploughing on. Speaking of which. Mo-jo. Flooding back. No more choosing to write a quick chapter which just popped into my head, over a girl lying in my bed. Two secs there, just have to write down one thing. Just in case I forget. Which, quite obviously, is spoof. Seeing as that implies, that there was once a girl in my bed. Tut. I am a spoofing ape. Continue Reading »