Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Rain is pouring down in Yelle. Bucketing men. Cats. Dogs. And frogs. People don’t know what to do. Brutal weather. As in bruuutal! As in just like most days in Ireland. People are on the verge of going into meltdown if it continues. Running off to buy candles and tinned food. Just in case. Thankfully, it makes bob all difference when you live in a cave. Final hurdle of the first draft is in sight. C’mon the book of gibber, giddy up! Saying that, the gibber has been dominating the blogaruu recently. Music needs to burst through. Building up. Time for it to dance on. Anyways, enough talk, more music!

1. Crysteena (Fear of Tigers Remix) – Mille

Random Useless Fact: The Swedes keep churning out the tunes!

2. Don’t Move Me (Miike Snow Remix) – Peter, Bjorn & John

R.U.F: P,B & J remixed Animal by Miike Snow in return. Go on the Swedes, scratching backs!

3. Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix) – Joe Goddard

R.U.F: Moonlights as part of the little old band Hot Chip. And, made this song using an old Sequential Circuits Drum Traks drum machine and a Doepfer modular synthesizer. Fascinating!

4. Hazelton – Justin Vernon

R.U.F: Pre – Volcano Choir. Pre – Bon Iver. Pre-tty funking good!

5. Honey Dove – Lee Fields

R.U.F: Used to have the nickname ‘Little JB’. As in Jim Brown. Not so little anymore!

2 thoughts on “Enough Talk, More Music!!!

    • Slick art, one of the best photos I’ve seen in a while. Not the actual album art but they’re tied to it somehow, can’t remember how. I’ve to get another music one up, catalogue building!

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