Simple… Steak. Or. Salmon?


One recent day, I realised something of insignificant importance. As in very little. Especially when you go day to day. If I was to go year to year, however, it might be something. Either way, I suppose, nonetheless, a thing of some note. Roughly, it’s been about one year since I set off on my dumb mission to L.A. Dumb, seeing as I had no clue what mission exactly. (Maybe should be using ‘have’ instead of ‘had’. Ha. D. Ve).

Might not be the best time to write this, as my brain is weary. Although, I do need to wake it up, so maybe the perfect time to try and kick it up a gear. Crystal clear arguments from both sides. Well done.¬†Anyways, I was trying to compare today, with what I was like a year ago. Let’s see the vast progress. Immense strides I have made! No longer clueless! Might do a list. Which would just blow my mind with delight! Eh, actually, I’ll hold off with that one. I may have chosen the wrong day to compare, to be true. ¬† Continue Reading »

V-No. Bi-O. Eh, No.

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My assignment was pretty straightforward… ‘Could you please supply a short bio note that can be used for press releases and the cover of your book. Roughly about 100 words. You can decide if you want to be either light hearted or just stick to the chronological facts.’ Sounds pretty easy, should take me a few minutes. Needed for Monday morning, I’ll do it up quickly on Sunday sometime. Off to enjoy my weekend, 100 words, I will see you Sunday.

Foolishness. While I did anticipate that I would probably be hungover yesterday, I never considered it might be a wine-induced hangover. Normal hangovers slow me down considerably as it is. Wine hangovers, as I remembered yesterday, make me embarrassingly dumb. Smartest thing I did was not to leave my house. At least the embarrassment could be restricted to staying within a confined space, and not spread its wings. Most of the time. Now and again it found its way out through the loophole of texting. Continue Reading »