Simple… Steak. Or. Salmon?


One recent day, I realised something of insignificant importance. As in very little. Especially when you go day to day. If I was to go year to year, however, it might be something. Either way, I suppose, nonetheless, a thing of some note. Roughly, it’s been about one year since I set off on my dumb mission to L.A. Dumb, seeing as I had no clue what mission exactly. (Maybe should be using ‘have’ instead of ‘had’. Ha. D. Ve).

Might not be the best time to write this, as my brain is weary. Although, I do need to wake it up, so maybe the perfect time to try and kick it up a gear. Crystal clear arguments from both sides. Well done.¬†Anyways, I was trying to compare today, with what I was like a year ago. Let’s see the vast progress. Immense strides I have made! No longer clueless! Might do a list. Which would just blow my mind with delight! Eh, actually, I’ll hold off with that one. I may have chosen the wrong day to compare, to be true. ¬† Continue Reading »

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

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Slowly but surely I’ve been sorting out my mental stumbling blocks. There shall be no more harping on about them after today either! Just making sure that I extradite them all fully. Chipping away at them over the past few days. Piece by piece. Instead of just sitting and staring at what it is that I must get done. I think my initial problem when I got back was getting caught up in what other people were doing. Biggest waste of time ever. Success dripping everywhere. Meeting people whose company paid for this, that and the other. Annoyed that I had no company to back me up. Stupid. Caring what other people were doing so well. To make sure I well and truly splattered the icing on the pointless cake, I wasted even more time worrying how I would get things back up and running. Ending up doing nothing. Worrying. Wondering where my piece of the pie was. Finally copping on that the pie here is funking huge. Enough of it to go around. Continue Reading »