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About a month ago I read Zen and the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury. Mighty book, highly recommend it. Two of the best things I got out of it: Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Apparently. This weekend was all about Coachella. Unfortunately. I wasn’t able to go. Thankfully. I live in LA. Buckets to do. Wuu to the huu. Funny old weekend. Flashbacks flooding in. Donkey laughing like a goat all day. Apple juice. Grannies. Dressing gowns. Oh Jesus. Need to start recording these incidents. Pipeline on. Need to whip up a few blogaruus. Fairly folfed out tonight though. Big folf tournament today. First Masters of the year. Standard was high. Trophy up for grabs. Prestige. Honour. Glory. And. I… Did not win. I might have cracked a rib though. Doing a belly flop. Besides those two details, a mighty day! What what. Some hoot. Folf the funk on! Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »

Umm. Yeah. Yum.


Use it. Or lose it. For the past week, I have definitely lost it. Gym. Shave. Blog. Not much of any going on. Lazy. Ran out of shaving gel. And more laziness. Blog has been a dry empty barren desert. Which is surprising. Seeing as a fair old whack has been chugging along. Such as sparks flying out of my phone. On fire. Mighty. Out with the old. In with the Blue. Berry. Re-learning phone basics. Typing in slow motion. On a new style Qwerty keyboard. Texting and walking. Near impossible. Two handed texting. Like a senile dog begrudgingly learning a new trick. Given up on texts. Too much effort. Confused. Lost. Head buried in the phone. Walking aimlessly along. Surprised I didn’t walk into a pole. More surprised when I did walk into that bush. Yelping. Realising. Looking. Coast clear. All good. Yelp on. Bush off. Few scrapes. All good. Not that that was the worst of my new texting while walking problem. Continue Reading »

Red Or White?

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I shall not lie, over the past few days I was unsure if the 100th mark would be reached, never mind broken. However, I have decided to prove myself wrong, and write on! The reason for this uncertainty, initially, was due to me being unsure how long more I could stay in America for, on this current visa. With under 2 weeks left on the visa, I was weighing up another spring break trip to Mexico or Canada. My episode was good to go, being passed around, I was heading back to L.A in order to get a scene or two made, I had even been contacted about the possibility of meeting with a fairly reputable manager. Again, that sort of stuff is hearsay in my book until it happens, can only count on yourself really but worth looking into at least. Still, if it all went to plan, a quick spring break and back again, somehow, to keep the ball rolling.

Sadly, my Gran passed away this week back in Ireland, so that changed things even further. I was getting ready to go to the airport yesterday, packing my bags, and not knowing if I was L.A or Ireland bound. Managed to get a flight back in time for the funeral tomorrow, so instead of heading back to L.A for 10 days or so, bizarrely, and fairly surreal being honest, I am now back in Ireland for a few weeks. All happened fairly quickly, but no time to mull it over. Now, I shall just have to find a way to go back out there in 3 weeks, and make more than the 2 scenes I had planned for next week. Instead, I shall make a shorter version of the entire episode, start to finish if I can, must turn it into a plus! This now will be my visa trip as well. 

Just in the door and highly jet lagged, so decided to write on in hope to bore myself enough to fall asleep. I managed to lift my mental block of thinking that I could only write when in L.A, seeing as I managed to get a fair bit done in San Fran. Now the tougher test, can I pull fodder out of the bag for Cork and Ireland while I am back. I have the faith, in quantity, if not quality, at least! There shall be no whining or complaining about being back either, I miss L.A and all that. Put a cork in it (oh Jesus) and deal with it. Stage 1 has been completed, now plough on! Things can be worked on from here too while I’m back.

Although, I did forget that it was no longer L.A, or even America, that I was in, where the dress code is carte blanche. This was when I noticed bizarre items such as a hat (a hat?!) or a scarf (a scarf, oh my God, what an insane thing to wear!) get too many strange looks. Or maybe its that mullets are no longer as cool here as before. That statement is highly doubtful though.

The trip home, compared to previous airport adventures, was highly uneventful. There were no elaborate searches, terminal chases, mishaps or misunderstandings. I did, however, realize what my biggest fear is, just before boarding a long haul flight. And that, justifiably so I do believe, is the fear that my iPod will freeze just as I get onto the plane. And stay frozen until the battery dies. Which would be at least 12 hours. More than the flight. What a dose that would be. Obviously far worse could happen, but still, that would be highly annoying. Don’t mean to sound insensitive with the recent crash and all, but as we were taking off, I realized that was all my warped mind was worried about.

In fairness though, if I had no music, I would’ve been entertained by my new 4’2 (I think), Jordanian friend, Leen, who I sat next to on the plane. Or Gordanian as I liked to call it. Or Michael Jordan as I also liked to mistake it for. The jokes were flying out, it was a long, looong flight for her. I also used tried out my new truth line… I’m a writer -“Oh yeah, what do you write?” – A blog, ha… which went down well. So did her joke of… Yeah, I’m a terrorist, undercover sorority girl… so it was a hilarious flight home. I played two songs off the top of my head too, Lean Back, and Come On Eileen, which were received with two pitiful shakes of her head. Overall, a mighty flight! Especially, especially, seeing as I now have a joke to tell in Arabic (phonetically speaking)… Esh byakol hsaan looti? Hasheeeeeeeesh!!! (Say the punch line in a West Hollywood accent and you might be able to guess it).

Two things that did manage to put a pep in my step in the past hour… 1. My brother telling me that people who we might not have met before or seen in years, were blatantly showing him their disappointment, when he told them he wasn’t me when asked earlier at the removal, ha. Appears I have a Joe Dolan type of fan base building up. And 2. This song for some reason, which was used before but funk it, recycle on…

All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem

If You Had To Do One, Eiffel Tower or Berlin Wall?


Now that I had my first article published, it was time for me to retire. All the hard work had paid off, the graft and effort was worth it all, time now to reap the rewards. Which, I presume would just snowball in all day long. At least these were the reasons I am giving for doing bob all, all day. That, plus being tired and emotionally dejected after Tom Green side swiped me last night. I needed a day off from, eh, the hard work.

Yesterday I had made up a few demos and dropped them into all the other gyms I have been to while here, hoping that one might bite the bait and give me a job. Unfortunately I still had no call from big gay Jim so I shall have to go up tomorrow and find out for definite either way. Anyways, if you might remember, I had all the numbers of the gyms saved, so I could dodge them when they rang about trying to get me to sign up after the free week pass ran out. Earlier today I see get a call, one of the gym’s numbers pops up, I am in like flynn, I knew they’d love the demo (it is actually too good, if anyone wants it for the gym let me know).

“Hey Merrick, Chad here from Equinox, you called into us yesterday…” How’s it going Brad, I did indeed, did you like the demo? “I loved it, listened to it on the way home in my car, I was wondering if you might be interested in DJ’ing over the weekend?” Let me check my schedule, lucky you, seems I am free 24/7, count me in, what days/nights? “Well, its not for the gym, we actually don’t do that as our policy states, but DJ for a party in my friend’s house.” Ooook, how much will I be getting paid? (All he needs to offer is $50 or over and Ill do it for the 2 hours, ha, I am a cheap date) “Well, we would give you a couple of beers, I was hoping you’d do it for free?” For funk’s sake, for free? Another pro funking bono offer? Do I look charitable?! I am the one in need!!! “Yeah, we’d love your music at it, me and the guys would love a night of European dance music!” You and the guys? Once again, no girls? How surprising! Good duck to you Tad, anti bono and all, thanks anyways though.

Moving on, I have lined up some more acting classes to audit for free, but they aren’t until next week. I prefer to write at night, so I had the day to kill. I am going to veer slightly off the usual path of rambling and tell you about some of the stuff they are showing on t.v here! With my roommates in tow, the day was utilized to the full, watching the weirdest documentary you will ever see. It was funking nuts, seriously, highly interesting too, you have to watch it, “Married to the Eiffel Tower”. Its about women who are in love, and make love, to objects, such as crossbows, roller-coasters, church pews, the Eiffel Tower, and the Berlin Wall, amongst others. Don’t think its porn or anything, it is just strange and will blow your head when you watch it. Here’s a clip, one of the funniest parts is at 3.48 when one of the girls lets go while watching “porn”, it is mental! At least they seem happy. Almost.

If you can, try to watch all of it, I’m sure you can hunt it down on Youtube. On a funnier note, here is an ad for Hulu that is on t.v in Emerica, with Seth MacFarlane. If you want to see him do the different Family Guy voices, watch on!

This post has been a bit scattered and all over the place, tiredness is kicking in. I could tell you about the guy in the gym who has outdone me with the bicycle shorts, taken it up a notch, why bother with shorts at all, and just seems to wear a t shirt in there, but I wont, not now at least. As you can see, this day has been utilized well. After such a tough and exciting day, a great song to cap it all off… All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem