If You Had To Do One, Eiffel Tower or Berlin Wall?


Now that I had my first article published, it was time for me to retire. All the hard work had paid off, the graft and effort was worth it all, time now to reap the rewards. Which, I presume would just snowball in all day long. At least these were the reasons I am giving for doing bob all, all day. That, plus being tired and emotionally dejected after Tom Green side swiped me last night. I needed a day off from, eh, the hard work.

Yesterday I had made up a few demos and dropped them into all the other gyms I have been to while here, hoping that one might bite the bait and give me a job. Unfortunately I still had no call from big gay Jim so I shall have to go up tomorrow and find out for definite either way. Anyways, if you might remember, I had all the numbers of the gyms saved, so I could dodge them when they rang about trying to get me to sign up after the free week pass ran out. Earlier today I see get a call, one of the gym’s numbers pops up, I am in like flynn, I knew they’d love the demo (it is actually too good, if anyone wants it for the gym let me know).

“Hey Merrick, Chad here from Equinox, you called into us yesterday…” How’s it going Brad, I did indeed, did you like the demo? “I loved it, listened to it on the way home in my car, I was wondering if you might be interested in DJ’ing over the weekend?” Let me check my schedule, lucky you, seems I am free 24/7, count me in, what days/nights? “Well, its not for the gym, we actually don’t do that as our policy states, but DJ for a party in my friend’s house.” Ooook, how much will I be getting paid? (All he needs to offer is $50 or over and Ill do it for the 2 hours, ha, I am a cheap date) “Well, we would give you a couple of beers, I was hoping you’d do it for free?” For funk’s sake, for free? Another pro funking bono offer? Do I look charitable?! I am the one in need!!! “Yeah, we’d love your music at it, me and the guys would love a night of European dance music!” You and the guys? Once again, no girls? How surprising! Good duck to you Tad, anti bono and all, thanks anyways though.

Moving on, I have lined up some more acting classes to audit for free, but they aren’t until next week. I prefer to write at night, so I had the day to kill. I am going to veer slightly off the usual path of rambling and tell you about some of the stuff they are showing on t.v here! With my roommates in tow, the day was utilized to the full, watching the weirdest documentary you will ever see. It was funking nuts, seriously, highly interesting too, you have to watch it, “Married to the Eiffel Tower”. Its about women who are in love, and make love, to objects, such as crossbows, roller-coasters, church pews, the Eiffel Tower, and the Berlin Wall, amongst others. Don’t think its porn or anything, it is just strange and will blow your head when you watch it. Here’s a clip, one of the funniest parts is at 3.48 when one of the girls lets go while watching “porn”, it is mental! At least they seem happy. Almost.

If you can, try to watch all of it, I’m sure you can hunt it down on Youtube. On a funnier note, here is an ad for Hulu that is on t.v in Emerica, with Seth MacFarlane. If you want to see him do the different Family Guy voices, watch on!

This post has been a bit scattered and all over the place, tiredness is kicking in. I could tell you about the guy in the gym who has outdone me with the bicycle shorts, taken it up a notch, why bother with shorts at all, and just seems to wear a t shirt in there, but I wont, not now at least. As you can see, this day has been utilized well. After such a tough and exciting day, a great song to cap it all off… All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem

2 thoughts on “If You Had To Do One, Eiffel Tower or Berlin Wall?

    • It is the weirdest thing I’ve seen, apparently there are only 40 people in the world who admit to it. The other girl straddles the Eiffel Tower at the end as well to celebrate their one year anniversary, hunt down the clip!

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