Hi My Name Is Mark And I’m A…


Narc. Just in case you didn’t know. Although it might be a tad obvious. Spades shall be called. Write a blogaruu all aboot… Myself. Wrote a book all aboot… Me and my. Most of the time I live in… My head. More often than not I talk to… Myself. When I look in the mirror the first person I always look at… Me. Whose name does narc rhyme with… Mine. If ever you selfishly tell me your news, my first reaction is to think… How does or will this somehow affect me. Mull that over quickly. And then I will reply, laugh, congratulate, commiserate, dance a dance or whatever it may be. Run away screaming. Who knows. But first things first. What does it mean for me? One might call me… Narc King! Oh Jesus.¬†Don’t blame me. Blame narcissism. Actually, no. Do blame me. All my fault. Narc on! Continue Reading »

Enough Talk, More Music!!!

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Apparently. This weekend was all about Coachella. Unfortunately. I wasn’t able to go. Thankfully. I live in LA. Buckets to do. Wuu to the huu. Funny old weekend. Flashbacks flooding in. Donkey laughing like a goat all day. Apple juice. Grannies. Dressing gowns. Oh Jesus. Need to start recording these incidents. Pipeline on. Need to whip up a few blogaruus. Fairly folfed out tonight though. Big folf tournament today. First Masters of the year. Standard was high.¬†Trophy up for grabs. Prestige. Honour. Glory. And. I… Did not win. I might have cracked a rib though. Doing a belly flop. Besides those two details, a mighty day! What what. Some hoot. Folf the funk on! Anyways, enough talk, more music! Continue Reading »