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Driving Home From The Beach (The Feeling Of) – Teen Daze

Past few days have been spent galavanting aboot good old San Fran! Forgot how mighty it is up here. Not quite up there with L-Hey but still dancing on in her own way. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s actually a city with streets that have people and tall buildings which run parallel to other streets that are filled with more buildings and people who are all scurrying around by foot and there’s a centre to the city which is actually downtown and all this is walkable or tram-able and it’s a city! As opposed to a sprawled barren desert. Which does have streets. But the good ones are all about a 5 minute drive from each other. And go on for miles. And all the good stuff is spread out over those miles along these streets. So you can only really drive. Which means you then just spend a lot of your time sitting in traffic. Which is fun. I suppose. But a city buzz does make a nice change.

Although the fact that all the folk I know in San Fran are so sound and I haven’t seen them in so long might be more of the reason why it is so mighty here. Ridiculously sound. Go on the Irish! Go on the people understanding my accent! Go on the endless levels of boozing on! Go on the use of ‘sch’ instead of just ‘s’‘Schome nice pint of Schtella. Divil a bit.’ Whatever divil a bit actually means (Anyone?). Go on the endless cups of tea! Chats about tea! Go on the Irish-ness! Reason I’m up in San Fran was to go to my cousin’s wedding. Mighty night, to be true. Day after. Maybe the day after that too. Might has been flowing! An added reason for the trip is so I can get some writing done. Well actually, some reading first, and then some writing. Read. And. Write. Dance. On. Plan. On. Reading part has been going well. Ish. Wuu! Writing part has been… Well… Tut… Honestly… I have a problem. Another, says you. Divil a bit, says an Irish man. Problem must stop. Ruining me. Need help. Starting to Tweet the funk out man!!

Help. Please. Intervene!

My problem is… Tweeting. Tweetering. Twitter. Whatever you may want to call it! Large chunk of the problem at least. Perhaps sounds dumb but I don’t do drugs so maybe my mind needs other addictions?! For too long I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to. Writing has decreased. Urge to write has slightly decreased. Thankfully the guilt when I don’t write is still there. Thank funk. Guilty Irish ape on. Thank you Catholic church. Anyways, this blogaruu was what got me a book deal. Which is one of the reasons why I feel the need to write on if I want some more! That’s part of my illogical logic at least. Use it or lose it. Blogaruu gives me an outlet to release the pile of gibber which builds up on a daily basis inside my head. Thoughts build up. Eyes observing. Stories happening. Put the gibber with the stories along with the odd observation and hi diddy ho, a blogaruu pops out. Mighty stuff. Blogaruu gave me an outlet. Place to release those dumb thoughts. Set them free. Preferably in a story shaped way. Ever since… Blogaruu on et on!

Spurts... Tut.

However. Lately. More and more and more and more. Buckets more pointless tweetering has been going on. Steadily increasing. Consuming my mind at the wrong times. Harming my writing. Big time. Quantity. Losing all my thoughts to these Tweets. Inside of them building up in my head all day and me writing them down, I can offload them with a quick text to Twitter. Ping. Gone. Out of my head. Out of sight. Ah but I’ll come back to that Tweet and tie it in somewhere else and make a blogaruu out of it. Tweets are a good way of keeping notes for myself. Tut. Spoof. All simply lies which I like to tell myself. The moment that thought has been tweeted out of my head and into the world, the urge to re-write it in a blogaruu decreases slightly. All those slightly decreases build up. Making an ape lazy. Laziness… Root of all evil!

Ten tweets might mean one less blog. Next day might happen again. And so on. So instead of almost blogging every day even like the time you were-on-holidays-in-the-likes-of-Mexico-and-have-dodgy-internet-but-you-find-a-way-because-you’re-a-chump-who-feels-a-need-that-you-must-get-the-blog-out-there, you now only blog about twice a week. Making up excuses for the other days. Excuses which come from not having the urge as much as before. Before when those thoughts were still stuck in your head. Or stuck in your notebook. Still only your eyes have read them. Urge still there. And it’s actually my notebook that brought all this on…

Shee Shuu?

One of the best bits of advice I got from my a writer buddy of mine – El Choo Choo – when I told him I wanted to start writing… ‘Carry a pen and notebook everywhere. Write everything down. Ape on!’ Maybe I added one of those sentences in myself. Maybe. You can guess which. But that was savage advice. Ever since, notebooks of various sorts have been building up. Until recently. Less and less have I been carrying it around with me. Scribbling stuff down has become slightly less common. Choosing instead to write notes in my phone. By no means the same. Horrendously annoying. Especially when your phone ends up in a pool and you lose all those notes. Mighty work. Or choosing to tweeter out those thoughts like I mentioned. Taking your writing edge away. Like a boxer who has sex before a big fight. Not advised. Exact same thing. Kind of. Ish. Edge on!!!

Speaking of which, that is a topic which I have planned on blogging about for far too long. Shee shuu. Ahem. Otherwise known to most people as… Schex. On the list of what to blog. Ever growing list. Tea is also on there. Fish too. More about San Fran. Mental breaks. And. Romance novels. All one or two word notes I have scribbled into my notebook over the past few weeks. These would’ve have been fleshed out in detail before. Now, thanks to Tweets, merely jotted down as a words. Any longer thoughts or story threads I might’ve had were instead aborted thanks to being tweeted out. Brain loses the edge. Excuses. Too tired for it tonight. Just want to sleep instead. Tut. It being blog. Not… Ahem. Focus. Schex blog shall perhaps be next. Not what you think. Although maybe the exact same.

Rambles Kick...

Focus would be handy for me too. Rambles. Re-group… San Fran. Wedding. Reading. Writing. Reading a chunky old script writing book. Prepare myself to write a masterful script. Or two. That is the plan. While reading the script book, the advice popped up again… Carry a notebook and paper. Write on. Triggered all these thoughts. Out popped this blogaruu. Eventually. See one problem/blessing in disguise I’m having since I got to San Fran is that I have little to no internet. Sporadic. For some reason my cousin’s wireless won’t connect to my computer. Headwrecking. Blessing. Less distractions. More time to write. So you would think. Instead of having the internet to distract me, more distracted by not having it. Went sniffing for any neighbours’ wireless connection which might be open. Which maybe I could borrow. And maybe I found one. One tiny little bar. In a really awkward place…

Just One More Email Man...


Sitting room of my cousin’s apartment. Far right corner. Next to the window. But behind the TV. If I hold my computer up high. One bar of wireless can be used. Quite the thief. Say nothing. Especially of how big an ape I am to bother getting this bar. Basically I have three options. First option: Stand in a tiny space behind the TV. Hold the laptop above my head with my left hand. Go slightly up on my toes. Internet comes alive. Right hand is free to type away. Browse on! Mighty work. Tiring work. Work of an ape. Imagine the pose an actor in a Shakespeare play when holding aloft a skull (?) or an apple. That is the pose needed for my laptop. Awkward. Apeward. Second option: Finely balance the laptop on the top of the TV which is high up. Head high. Thin flat screen. Hold laptop with both hands. Sacrificing it up to the Gods. Circle of life. Lion King style. Typing of any kind is dodge (Just like it is right now!). Laptop swaying like a drunk ape. Dodge.

Option three: Stop being a funking ape and deal with not having around the clock wireless internet. Use that time to read. And write. And think all those pointless thoughts which you can then shuffle together and gibber out into good blogaruus. Don’t use that time to go with option one or two. And then think oh I better just check this email. Or that link. Or that site. Or that Spacebook. Or Tweet that. Or I need to edit that Tweet to make it fit. Or got a reply to that email so better reply straightaway. Or that link looks good. Or any of that crap. Particularly not when you’re stuck in behind the TV looking like a complete ape!!!

Once An Ape...

Time to wrap up this long rambles of gibbering thoughts! Basically. Time to Tweeter far, far, far less. Time to hold on to these pointless thoughts. Keep them for myself, in my basket. So I can put them back into the blogaruu like before. See if that changes things. Between you and I, in the coming weeks I plan to write a few mighty, mighty, mighty scripts. Which won’t be done if I’m busy stuck behind a TV. Tweeking out. Wasting away my day. Along with these wonderful thoughts! Sure. Thank you. Maybe that’s even worst of all. Tweets are all abstract gibber which don’t make sense. Unless they’re connected to the five before and five after. So are probably highly head wrecking to anyone reading. Just like this blogaruu, to be true! Anyways, rant off. Tweeter off. Tweeker off. Time to sleep on. Surprisingly tiring work writing a blogaruu while simultaneously sacrificing up my laptop to the TV Gods. Some ape.

Although, i-ron-ape-ly, first thing I must do when I finish this blogaruu… Tweet the link. Obviously. Blog and book shall still be whured out. Perhaps the odd music link shall be tweeted. Interesting article. All that. Not a full cold turkey cull. I am still an ape after all. Just less thought full tweets. And now to end on a positive note… My last vlogaruu got over 2500 hits yesterday! What what?! Seriously. Have a look if you are a Thomas… Click! Technical glitch on!?!

P.S My over-editing days are being toned down too. Raw and ramble all the way!

P.P.S Final Tweeter: Blogaruu is to sch___ as Tweeter is to a quick ___ ?

2 thoughts on “Tweeting Out Man!

  1. I think you should go and look back a bit at your earlier habits. I remember when I first came across your gibberish on Twitter. It was mostly about the music, damn good music, which led a path to your blog, damn good blog, which gave us your Randumbness and more. Lately you have been forgettin the music, and the soul of the blogaruu. Dont abandon twitter or facebook or any other whore outlet, because that feeds the narc. And we all learned to like the narc. Just my opinion… See ya.

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