Deliria… I’m En Route!


At the moment, three things kind of annoy me a good little tad. Uno… The word ‘lol’. A pointless word to fill a gap if ever I have read one. Lol. Deux… People who keep putting “everything, they think, is profound, into quotation marks”. And three… that bars close so early in L.A. I won’t lie, back in the day, in Ireland, before I ever came to America, I always imagined this would be the place to go to for great nightlife. And, you know what, it actually is, ha, beyond belief. However, at times, it ends far too soon. Perhaps I’m spoilt from all-night boozing at after-hours back home, but still, the mentality here is to just shut up shop, along with their drinking mouths, when the lights flash and the true beauty is shown. Not so much fun to be true.

However, perhaps the real reason I am fully awake now is that I am too much of a night-owl these days. Seeing as last night was spent staying up until 6 in the morning. Trying to do a lot. But doing close to nothing. I have a great knack of being so tired that I end up staying awake way too late, the night after a session. Purely down to your own apeness. The hour between four and five in the morning was spent sitting in a chair, wondering if I should just go to bed. Seeing as I was so tired. Not actually going to bed. Just wondering. Sitting in a chair located next to my bed. From five to six was spent looking at a turned off computer, wondering how one might know, if one was going delirious. Do you just become delirious? Or is there a point, like sober to drunk, when you think ‘Ohup, I think I’m delirious’. Either way, repeating the word delirious over and over in your head is a pretty effective way to send you on your way to deliria town.

Hang. Hold. Wait.

I think the problem has been spending the past day or two picking up the pieces from Stephen’s night. Saturday night? It’s Christmas, specific days don’t count. Leaving a state of hibernation, to a full on Christmas buzz, has left my mind playing tricks on myself. Which is a great old hoot. Was that a flashback? A sober memory? Or just a completely fabricated event? Which might have happened, seems plausible, but 900% definitely didn’t. A reality lie to yourself. Head wrecking enough, particularly with a restless mind. I do know this much…

L.A is full of Tiny Timothys at Christmas. Stephen’s night, I walked to the pub with a brother of a girl I know. Never met him before. About a ten minute walk. From chatting with him on that ten minute walk alone, I realised that I knew way more about him, than I did about the girl I was buddies with. And by buddies, I mean I met her for the first time two days previously. Christmas Eve. Suddenly everyone is buddies. Embrace it. Just the way it is over here. Still though, kind of odd if you were to think about it. Which is why in the main, I don’t bother thinking about it. Rational thoughts hold people back, and all that.

Clue? Card? Key?

I know that I thought I was being bought drinks all night. Well, more that I thought the bar tender was dishing out free booze to me. Trying out new concoctions. Cocktails. Shots. Personal experiments. Getting me drunk. Everyone else as well. What I didn’t actually realise, was that all those drinks were being added to a tab. A tab that I had opened. One which I have no recollection of opening. Which I only found out about the next day. Seeing as I woke up wondering why there was still so much cash in my wallet. Hang on though, no credit card. Hold up, where’s my key. Wait a minute, I need a clue. What actually happened last night? Clueless. Card less. Keyless. 

At least I found my key (in the door) and my card (behind the bar). If you ever want a hangover to appear, or to worsen, sign for your tab the day after. A kick in the teeth if you ever made need one. One thing I am not too sure about, is whether or not this was a good sign from that night… a girl running away from you – good or bad? And by run, I obviously don’t literally mean it as in she ran away. More along the lines that she sprinted away like a mad woman. Up hill as well. Sprinting. That’s the flashback I have at least. I know it’s all about the chase, but still. Although, I think she eventually returned and wrestled me to the floor. Not really too sure. Good or bad signs? If I ever find out, I’ll let you know. Might have to be just put to the good duckaduu to you memory section.

This Is Why My Leg Is Wet

Finishing up, here is one nugget of info I did gathered from yesterday… when filling up your drink at a restaurant, from a self-service dispenser, I would recommend putting the ice in first. That is my nugget of information. Nice nugget. Otherwise, you might decide to fill your drink up to the brim and then put it under the ice dispenser. Which actually hurls out ice like there’s no tomorrow. Each piece like a punch. Perhaps knocking the drink out of your weak hand. And all over your leg. Live and learn.

The memories have been dripping in all day like rain drops, song on…

Raindrops (Funkagenda Remix) – Basement Jaxx

2 thoughts on “Deliria… I’m En Route!

  1. When coming out of hibernation you have to do things in moderation,especially when it comes to drinking because as you well know it dulls the brain and makes people do things that they wouldn’t normally do,i.e. open a tab that they can least afford.There will always be people there who are ready to take advantage ,i.e. the barman.just as well bar closed early!Two expensive mistakes so far.Let’s hope there won’t be a third one or you will end up broke.a concerned reader!

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