Bang. Bang. Ba. Ng.

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Roxanne – Strange Talk

Birthday. Birthmonth. Bert on! Beach. Party. Celebration. Malibu. Malibooze. Maliboobs! Paradise. Cove. Kaw. Bird. Shrimp. Wine. Cocktails. Lounge chairs. Hi life. Hello living. Drink. Glass. My. Hand. Gulp. Pause. Laugh. Another drin- Plop. Huh? Seagull. Kaw. Kaw. KAAWW! Flying. Attacking. Dropping. Dumping. Plopping. Into. Glass. Hand. Mine. Dunk. Lucky? Me!

So that was a fun birthday. Speaking of… Continue Reading »

Ughatha Christie… Dumble On!

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Kill Everybody – Skrillex

Have you ever been gaily skipping down a street. Skipping high! Wonderful skips! Bouncing along. Picking up momentum. Skip on! Skip high! So young! So free! So… Clip!  Curb. Path. Stone. Your own shoe. Fall. Dumble. Stumble. Down ape goes. Holding your knee on the path. Cursing the skipping. Dumb skips. Making me dumble. Should never have skipped so high, so quick! Perhaps I’ll just chill a while. Stay down on the path. By these gutters. Lost all my momentum. All that curb’s fault. Tut. This week has been kind of like that. Quite the ridiculously annoying successfully-frustrating week. Plus my man period (rent) on top of it all!?! Ugh boots have been on. What goes up… Sometimes keeps going up and up, to be true. Which is mighty and obviously ideal. But then other times… Stagnates and floats in exactly the same spot. Like a dead frog. Floating. Bobbing. Dumbling along. Going nowhere. Wasting time. Wheels turning. Barely churning. Well that’s if you had wheels. And you actually made the effort to churn them. Instead of just waiting. Highly frustrating. Immensely annoying. Kind of like this opening gibber… Continue Reading »

Haaaay Maker…


Days. Some people are not fans of certain ones. Monday gets a bad doing. Harsh enough. Basically you’ve cut that day loose. You and that day are now kind of goosed. Never going to get on. I’m actually a fan of Mondays. Recent ones anyways. Some spent on yachts. Others spent on jets. How bad. Thank you. Giddy up. Will do. So usually I am a fan. However, this week’s Monday, as in good old yesterday, maybe not so much. Maybe this week’s Monday woke up,  put on its wife beater vest, had a smoke, drank a case of Stella Artois and then tried to beat me down with as many dumb drunk punches as it possibly could. Oh Monday… Continue Reading »

Dance, Munkey, Dance!


Radio and I have been mixing like oil and water for the past week. Pre-book launch promo. Flurry of stints on different radio shows around Ireland. All of which went, eh, magnifique. Eventually. First station. Off to a flyer. Arranged to ring me at 2:30 pm, Irish time/6.30am, my time. Up anyways, editing, rewriting, half six, no problem. Spread the word to people I knew. Tune in, here’s a link, this station, tune in everyone, tune on, hear me here, at this time, listen to me gibber. Spreading mhy word. Six in the morning, an email arrives in the door. Interview pushed back an hour. Cool, no worries. Although. Balls. First interview of the bunch, already I’m crying like a wolf. Continue Reading »



If I thought my traipsing all over L.A was tough enough, it is far harder back here in Ireland. At least in L.A, I found myself a hub (WeHooooo) where I could walk to most places. Even if it was an hour’s walk away. On Google’s map paper, it is well do-able. The problem is that while being back in Ireland, I am based out of Cork. Where not too much happens, in the world I am just to bust into. So, meetings are usually held in Dublin. Weekly trips to Dublin are actually a good laugh, don’t mind them. Sometimes though, conveniently, meetings are held in Galway too it seems. The day after a meeting in Dublin perhaps. Handy, handy. Tours of Ireland are always fun.

Best part of all, is the way one gets from Galway to Cork… bus on! Train to Dubla from Cork. Bus to Galway, wifi on-board, from Dublin. Then a bus back down to Cork from Galway, as there seems to be no other way. 

I have realized that the problem I am developing in Cork is slipping back into my old routines too easily. The rut is calling me! More and more programs of mine are now being recorded on Sky Plus. My sleeping patterns and daily activities are heading back the way I was before I headed to L.A. I have also noticed that I am not seeing hot, new women while out in Cork. Same as before so! Era shur, I’m only joking! There are plenty of hot women from Cork. Just no new hot women in Cork.

Getting the train up to Dublin, I started to wonder was it really worth it. Going up to Dublin, to drop in a 5 minute DVD, that really the postman could’ve done. But, just to be sure it got there on time, and to try and make another good impression when I met the person, I thought it would be best to head up and hand it in, in person. Great call. Fleeced by a company in Dublin to burn one DVD. €25 for a 5 minute DVD (not even fully 5 minutes) of my stand-up “highlights”, ha, so far back in Ireland. At the time I was in such a rush that it never clicked. Now though, all those helpful smiles and best of luck comments, and then charge me that much. Some joke. You can buy 6 copies of Superbad in Golden Discs for 24 bones. And, more importantly, that DVD is actually funny.

This morning I headed off to give Rita my DVD. Pumped, yet shattered from lack of sleep and being up so early. It was a highly strange combo. Anyways, I get to the place nice and early, unlike me. My good intentions did not quite go to plan. I was asked to have it in before a meeting that was going ahead on Thursday morning. As it turns out, I was far too early for the lady who wanted the DVD, before she went to the meeting to show it to others. I’ll wait around. Yeah, she should be in, in about 2 hours time maybe. Not too sure. Good stuff. Just wait around. In the end, I just met a girl who works with her, and gave her the DVD instead. I am an efficient postman if nothing else. All the way up to Dublin, for nothing. Some waste of time. 

Next port of call was onto Galway. Meeting with Tina on Friday, plus an informal meeting with a director/producer. Network on at the Film Festival and all that! I arrive into Galway at about 5.30 from Dublin, go straight to my hotel, and check my emails. The job, received an email at almost exactly at the time I arrived into Galway, telling me that my meeting with Tina, scheduled for the next day, was cancelled for some reason. The funking berries. I was giving the person’s phone number instead, and could do it over the phone if I like. Wuu. A phone call. Can’t they be made from Cork too?

Touring Ireland for absolutely no reason. Reading that email made me feel like a complete idiot. Being honest, I was pretty close to a nervous breakdown. I could feel my mind frying. Instead of letting that happen, I ended up just trashing my hotel room. T.V out the window, messed the sheets around a bit, and left the toilet sit up. It was a mess. Well I did all but one of those things. 

However, luckily, I can be a clever idiot at times. For some reason, my brain kicked in. Sent an email to the lady in charge of the festival. One thing led to another. Ended up being invited  for drinks, a meet and greet, before a big dinner that was going on in a hotel near mine. And, conveniently, the person I came up to Galway to meet, would be at the drinks shindig. I could now meet him there instead. Wuu huu. Time to bring out the charm!

Thankfully, the informal meeting, in the quiet corner of the packed room, went very well. More information has been asked for, interest shown, up to me to deliver, blah baa baa. That 20 minute meeting made the two days of traipsing around the country well worth it. Celebrate the small victories kind of thing. Did a bit more networking for myself while at the drinks shindig. Directors, producers, and even a gay couple, who looked a lot like the couple from Mexico, were all giving me their business cards. Speaking of which, I still need to get my own made up. It is below buying a new pen on the to-do list. I just gave them my blog address in return. A mighty calling card!

Something else kind of made the 2 days of touring all seem worthwhile. Night ended normal enough. Kind of. Some guy I recognized from t.v, real country guy, no clue of his name though, started singing Dirty Old Town with me at the bar in a rowing club (random enough?). Apparently I was singing it to myself (again… ? Maybe a defense mechanism for knowing no one at these things) So, he decided, in between asking me questions in Irish, that we should both horse into a full on song. Good laugh, arm in arm with him at the bar. Me sober. Him paralytic. Me departing. Him falling off the stool. Me coming back to write my business card address on his hand. All about the networking, making my mark.

There was a better point in there that would’ve wrapped it all up nicely. However, due to being tired beyond belief, it eludes me at this moment. So, a song will have to do…

Best Coast

Sun Was High (So Was I) - Best Coast

Successfully Frustrated!


Perhaps one of the best parts of today, just occurred. Whereby I just accidentally morphed two words into one. So I will start again, with my brand new word – that I am sure is used up and down the country already (although I never personally heard it in the past tense before) …

Tas been a frustrating day, so tas. Even though it did look like it was going to start so well. From a piece of information, that was mentioned in passing while setting up a meeting next week, I managed to stumble upon a potentially good networking event in Dublin next Tuesday. Trying to extract more information about the event from the source, however, turned out to be horrendously frustrating. Highly, highly bewildering to me in fact. Particularly when I am so clever when it comes to online stuff, E-Business as my background and all that. So much so, I even emailed the company, firstly asking for the withheld info, and also to let them know that their links do not work. Being so kind, and all. And then rang them, when they claimed that they were working.

However,  while I was pointing out my invalid points to them on the phone, I managed to figure out by myself, at the same time, that the links worked perfectly well. “Johnny Ape is on the phone again, telling us that the links don’t work”. They do. Perfectly well. In my dumb defence, I presumed that the links, which I clicked on 203 times in total (some ape!), were leading me to another web page. Nay, they were actually downloading the forms as Word documents. How do I know that I clicked on these links, fruitlessly, 203 times? As that was the number of documents I downloaded in total. Good work by me. (Again, in my dumb defence, my download window had been left open, and so, never highlighted that anything was being downloaded). If you want to see the conundrum I encountered, click on the first two links (2009 Open Day, and Acceptance Form) on this link… . See, very bewildering/obvious.

After lunch, things went down the successfully frustrating route. Figuratively speaking, I was rejected by two women. Blown out of it. In rapid fire succession as well. And, they didn’t even do it face to face. Or over the phone. Not even by text. Email! Email?! The dirty wh… I joke, I joke. Come to think of it though, I was actually rejected 3 times in quick succession, seeing as two different people, from the same company, emailed saying “Nay thank you”. Could be a good scene for the sitcom, a girl dumping me, then her friend coming back up to me, and repeating the news, just to rub it in “Just so you know, it is definitely not going to happen between ye. Go home loser.” Wh***s.

Seeing as I’ve gone with the whole rejection by women metaphor, I might as well plough on with it! So, unfortunately, like in real life, or in literal terms, if (and when)  a girl was to reject me, this has also had the opposite effect of discouraging, or disheartening me. Plenty more fish in the sea kind of thing! Spur on, can’t let one rejection (or 3, ha) get the spirits down. The key, it seems, is to try not to take it personally. If one girl (or 3… or guys if you are a girl reading) was to turn you down, would you just give up and not bother trying any more? Go off women, so to speak? Doubtful. On the other hand, if the answer to that question was “Yes”, I think my buddy Gym in Hollywood would love to meet you.

One thing I read today, amongst a load of other good stuff being honest, was this quote, which is always banded around L.A, in one form or another. 

“Nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance. Talent will not; nothing in the world is more common than men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Perseverance and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

See, any old talentless, dumb, uneducated fool can do it. Obviously, instead of “press”, use the word “plough” but the gist would be the same. Anyways, enough with the Gym like quotes, I need my beauty sleep. If I am to be rejected by any more women tomorrow, I at least want to be looking well!

Before I burst with frustration, song of the day…

Rest My Chemistry - Interpol

Rest My Chemistry - Interpol