Brief blogaruu. Update you might say. An announcement. Drum roll. Re de de. The title of my upcoming book shall be… RANDUMB. Giddy up! I wasn’t sure if I was meant to keep it underwraps or not. Should’ve asked sooner I suppose. I have been informed to set her free. Just in case, she’s been registered. Although I don’t think you can register book names. Good work by me. Anyways. Time has come. Open the cage. Away she goes. Randumb. Go on the book! Still tweaking the subtitle…

The Random Dumb Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA

Or, merely…

The Dumb Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA


The Random Dumb Adventures of an Irish Mark


The Dumb Adventures of an Irish Mark

Ha, this kind of thing is what has dancing through my head. Devil in the detail. Which to do, which, to, do. Feel free to chime in, comment-wise. The more muddle I get in my head the clearer it might become. Although my publishers could just step in.

You Narcissistic...

Anyways, I’m still not sure when the exact release date shall be. Spring release is what I’ve been told. As part of the process, the past week has been spent to-ing and fro-ing with le publisher over the cover and the likes. C’mon the cover. All of which also means that a spot of promotion is now getting under way. Radio interviews back in I R Land are the first port of call. Pre-promo. Regional and national. Giddy up. Me talking about me. And my me. And a bit more about me. Flogging me. And my book. Probably prefer to talk about you. But needs be. Flog me.

Still Combing

And there is a reason perhaps why no definite date has yet to be set. Perhaps. As I have yet to finish this edit. Of my soon to be released book. Still untangling wires. Digging out the ones I want. Dig on. Need to keep digging. Sleep might be cut completely until it happens. Yesterday broke my old record. Half twelve bells. Should’ve stayed up for lunch. Almost at the stage where if I just stay up another few hours I can go to bed at a normal time. Just have to miss out on one night’s sleep fully to sort it out I think. Somehow given myself jet lag.

Swim On

And I am now starting to spout full on gibberish. Which means I am off for a swim. As the radio interview I was meant to be doing, right, about… now (exactly now as I write this sentence, oddly) has been pushed back an hour. Wuu. Need to get a burst. Swim on. Dumb on.¬†Seeing as in my past experience. It gets things done. Looking forward to being able to say the phrase… Dumb. And…. book on!

Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

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