Location, Location, Location!

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Where's Waldo?Earlier on today, a buddy of mine moved over to Emerica, a long term visa in his back pocket. Happy days for him, we have been in the same boat for a few years. Good buddy, known him from school days I’d say. Since being home, I think I have met up with him once the whole time. Bumped into him a few times when I was DJ’ing, but only once to go out boozing. Before he left, he rang me to say let him know when I’ll be over in the States as well, must arrange to meet up. Even though we will be on opposite sides of the country. The thing is, it wasn’t just a token gesture call. I would be confident that I’d meet up with him more over there, than I have since I have been back here in Cork. Even though I am a 10 minute drive away from his house here. Sometimes, it is all about location!

When you were finishing school, if someone told you that in less than a year you probably wouldn’t be as friendly with the majority of your friends at the time, would you believe them? Doubtful, laughing it off, no way man, great buddies. Sure. Within a few months of starting college, it was already a different story with any of your buddies who weren’t in college with you. Obviously there were a handful who you would stay in touch with. But the rest? Acquaintances at best. Now, they were people you went to school with. Change of location, changing of the friends. Same thing with college. Might have a big pool of buddies, ones from playing sports or the likes, in your class etc. College finishes up. How many do you really make an effort to see or talk too as often now? As opposed to before? Straight away the number shrinks. Now, if someone was to ask how do you know X, Y, or Zachariah, the answer is… we used to be in college together. The majority of friendships are based on location! 

On Or Off?

While I’m on the topic, another difference I have noticed, location wise in a different sense, is between buddies online and offline. I have a few friends, who I can’t really hack online. As in their Spacebook updates, or any of that stuff, really make me wonder at times. Then, meet them out somewhere, offline if you will, still as sound as ever! Great buddies again! Other people I have great time for online. Keep in touch regularly online whenever I am away. However, meet them offline, if we both happen to be in the same place, and it is the complete opposite. Painful, dragging conversations. Dead air. Nothing to say. Back online, it is flowing! Don’t think I am under the illusion that I’m not annoying myself on or offline. Don’t worry, I know. In fact, I prefer to go the whole hog. Better off being annoying in all capacities, so as no-one can really complain. I find it funny though, that there are people in Ireland, that I will probably talk to more, when I go back to L.A, than I do now. Odd. Online. Offline. All. Down. To. Location!

Dodge On!

The problem is, it seems, is that when you meet buddies who you might have drifted away from, the acknowledge and acceptance that the friendship has drifted, is not always there from both parties. Who cares that it was based on location? That’s life. It is probably easier to meet up with people who you were acquaintances with before, than friends who you have drifted away from. With acquaintances, ye only ever talked now and again as it was, so there is no immediate urge to ensure that ye meet up again soon. Whereas buddies you drifted away from, won’t really admit that they too just aren’t bothered anymore. Instead, for some reason, there is the pointless need to appear to make the effort to meet up. Just saying stuff for the sake of talking.“Yeah man, we haven’t gone for pints in ages, we must definitely meet up before you go back to L.A. Next week. Definitely. Same number?” Lets be honest, I’ve been back in Ireland a while. We both know too well that we will definitely not be meeting up before I go back to L.A. Pointless and perhaps funny at the same time. 

Not that I am saying it is a bad thing or anything. Just an observation, that I imagine came about from the fact my sister started college this week. And I was asked if I had any sage old advice for her. Which I did… “Isn’t it weird that you will probably have a completely new set of friends when you finish college, as you do now. Pretty weird if you think about it. Think about it. That’s my advice” Ahh, great advice really, I am a wise old owl! See, in case you were looking for proof, there it is. I am an ape. Online. And off.

Song time…

Boy Crisis 

The Fountain Of Youth – Boy Crisis

The Bloody Beetroots

The Second Streets Have No Name – The Bloody Beetroots

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