To Know, Or Not To Know?

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Be honest, how often do you bathe yourself? Not shower, but actually take a bath? Hardly ever, I presume. A few people might insist that they regularly have baths, as they are so relaxing and so great. Granted, they are relaxing (ish). And great (boring). But sure you do. Sure. (Now that I think of it, has anyone ever emphatically made the point to you, that they regularly have baths? I have, oddly. It was strange. As if she wanted me to know that she was above showering. She loved baths. Took them all the time. She really was that creative and care-free. Some sort of a plus. Ah, you’re a bath person. That’s cool. You’re cool.) On average, I would say most people have one bath a year. With good reason too. Showers are way more convenient.

Signing On

On Friday, my phone decided to join the rest of the country, and go on the dole. Continue Reading »