New Book. Naked. Cover… RANDUMBER!


We’re Walking In The Air – Peter Auty

Mighty news: I kind of finished my second book… RANDUMBER!

Wuu huu!

Full title of the mighty beast:

RanDumber: The Continued Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA!

I say kind of finished because I still have to do the final read through and read over the final batch of notes from the editor. However, most of my work is done.  Which is all one really cares about.

It was being edited and proof read as I was going along, so she was streamlined as much as possible. Finally finished the final chapter Wednesday night. All now rewritten. Tweaked. Sorted. Dancing! Mighty word count to end on as well…

Few different titles throughout the process. After finishing the first draft though, RanDumber was the only way to go. Ye shall see when ye read. And I hope ye read on! I’ll put up a few chapters in the coming days. Tease out those trailers!

Let me know what you think of the cover. Feedback always welcome. Danke.

In celebration, 12 Pubs of Christmas is on tonight. Can’t wait. Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Xmas Everybody – Slade

4 thoughts on “New Book. Naked. Cover… RANDUMBER!

  1. The cover is GREAT. Not too sure about the “Continued adventures of an Irish guy” though. But who am I to criticize.

    CHEERS to the birth of your second spawn! Looking forwrd to slapping the pages.

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