I Have A Dream…


I Have A DreamA buddy of mine always seems to sense when I am hungry. Just as I might get a pang of hunger, right on cue, the buddy would see if I wanted to go with them for something to eat. Sounds good. Lets go. Lets go eat. The problem was, I would inevitably find out, that it was never a straight forward scenario of just going somewhere to eat. Without fail, there was always something else. A shop where we had to call into quickly on the way. Then one more place next door to return some other item. While we’re in this area, can we just get one more thing. It will only be 5 more minutes, 55 tops! Sorry about this, food is on me for all the commotion. Always, always, always happened. Obviously only one person at fault… me, for not copping on after the second time that this was the way it was going to be. Saying we were going to get something to eat. But not actually eating for a long, long time after what was first planned. In the end, I’d end up in the pub, drinking my sanity back after yet another run around.

At the moment, I am doing something similar, one might say. Whoever this one might be. Not eating this time, or ending up drinking my sanity back. Writing wise though, it has been in a similar vein. For the past week or two, I have been writing the first chapter of my book. Or, another way to put it is that I have been working on the first chapter of the book. Well, to be exact, I have been reading, in preparation for writing the first chapter of the book. I have been reading about writing. Which, as far as I can tell, is not actually writing the first chapter. Now I know that I need to do this reading and so on, build up the skill and all that. However, at the same time, the longer I have been putting off the actual writing part, the bigger the elephant in the room gets. Now, I am at the stage where I am over-thinking about which way to do x, y or z. Without doing any of them.

Ah Shur, Tis Yourself

Thankfully, last night, I had a dream. In this dream, for the 20 seconds or so that I can remember, someone came up to me and gave me a message. That message was to cop the funk on, and just start writing the book. Stop reading. Stop thinking. Start writing. I remember then giving the person a high five in the dream, and I think I woke up briefly when, in reality, I hit the wall with my hand. The only part of the dream I found a bit weird was that the person who came up to me and gave me the message. Not Martin Luther King Jr, he has more important people to be inspiring. Nothing strange like that. Mine was far more normal, it was myself in the dream who spoke to me. Ha. Dreaming about myself. Talking to myself. Is that a narcissistic low? Or a narcissistic high? Or anything at all to do with narcissism? Not too sure. I decided to take it as a sign of helping myself. Getting myself to focus. Easiest interpretation really. Oook, moving on.

The Zone. What Zone? Well Done

Time to get in the zone! Focus on! I picked this trick up the other day playing golf. For the first few shots or holes, I was not playing golf. I was merely hitting balls, walking around the course. For whatever reason, probably as I was losing points, I started to have cheesy little chats in my head to focus, Happy Gilmore style… “You can do it, man”“Focus, hit the ball towards the hole, send her home”“Bend the knees, strong wrists, you are Tiger!” And it worked, my game improved a bucket load. Most of the time. I believe the only reason I was pipped for the victory on the final hole, was that a song was stuck in my head as well all day “Na, na, nana, na, na, nana.” This interrupted my cheesy focusing. Anyways, the new mantra is my head is “Right, write, right!” or something horrendous like that. 

Today, after my great dream, was supposed to be the day when I would officially start writing the first chapter. However, after DJ’ing last night, I was fairly tired for the first part of the day. Then decided it would be good to write a short story instead for a competition I came across recently. More excuses, and procrastinating! Although, at least I was in the writing mode. Tomorrow is the day! Once I do one last final little job in the morning. I swear. No more distractions after that. Fully in the zone. Wherever that may be. Maybe thats where one lives. Oh Jesus. Anyways, end of September is the first book deadline. Then hopefully back to L-Hey the week after that. Weather permitting. Out of the comfort zone here. Back to dream land!

Songs on. Speaking of which actually, my immaculate choice of songs on the blog has led to me now being a contributor on the music blog The Recommender. Like my blogaruu, they too get thousands of readers every month, spread the wings!!! Check her out here. First song is from earlier in the gym, in a different kind of zone, where, with the help of the start of this song, plus whatever I was attempting, I started to get dizzy and a bit lucid. The second song was the one that was stuck in my head while playing golf.

The Who

Baba O’ Riley – The Who

Michael Jackson

P.Y.T (Remix) – Michael Jackson

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