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Yes. No. Maybe so. These simple answers cover a lot of everyday questions. Nice and simple. If only. Every now and again, I like to respond with a Yeti style answer. Not really falling into any category. Sometimes it comes down to the fact that I might just be too tired to actually form the words properly. Or I might not have the energy to fully engage in the conversation. I have┬átendencies┬áto just yawn out an inconclusive word or answer. If it is a few words in a row, I will probably just mash them together, giving out a “Mmmyaaawwhhh”. Or something to that effect. Noise, I suppose is the best way to describe it. An acknowledgement that I have been asked a question, and am trying my best to answer. Just not doing a good job of it.

Other times, my Chewbacca statement comes about from the fact that I am not that good at Continue Reading »