I Have A Dream…


I Have A DreamA buddy of mine always seems to sense when I am hungry. Just as I might get a pang of hunger, right on cue, the buddy would see if I wanted to go with them for something to eat. Sounds good. Lets go. Lets go eat. The problem was, I would inevitably find out, that it was never a straight forward scenario of just going somewhere to eat. Without fail, there was always something else. A shop where we had to call into quickly on the way. Then one more place next door to return some other item. While we’re in this area, can we just get one more thing. It will only be 5 more minutes, 55 tops! Sorry about this, food is on me for all the commotion. Always, always, always happened. Obviously only one person at fault… me, for not copping on after the second time that this was the way it was going to be. Saying we were going to get something to eat. But not actually eating for a long, long time after what was first planned. In the end, I’d end up in the pub, drinking my sanity back after yet another run around. Continue Reading »