Enough Talk, More Music!!!


Bad Music

This weekend, I realized a few things. Main one being, I am spending far too much time realizing all these pointless things. So I will come back to them at a later stage, and plough on with a few songs. A bucket load of music to choose from this week as well… enough talk, more music!!!

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Song 1: Home – Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Johnny Cash backed up by the Arcade Fire. Kind of. Has me going all day.

Random Useless Fact: No one in the band is called Edward Sharpe! Hilarious.



Song 2: Finn Bikkjen – Casiokids

I seem to have a thing for bands whose lyrics I can’t understand. Sigur Ros spring to mind. But with an electro-pop twist.

R. U. F: They’re from Norway. Obviously.


Fool's Gold

Song 3: Surprise Hotel – Fool’s Gold

Initially, I didn’t really like this song. However, it soon grew on me. I think. Hints of Vampire Weekend, but a lot more tribal (if that’s the correct term).

R. U. F: They are singing in… Hebrew! Just realized, another band with lyrics I am clueless about.



Song 4: Rome (Neighbors Feat. Devendra Banhart) – Phoenix

I am a big fan of remixes. However, if a song is remixed by a whole load of different people, it wears a bit thin. When a whole album is then remixed by endless amounts of people, it is waaay too much. Then I heard this remix.

R. U. F: Devendra Banhart played his first show in a church at a gay wedding. Very random. Very useless.


Song 5: Summertime – Girls

Last song, another new album, another one of a slow burner. Their debut album is aptly named ‘Album’.

R. U. F: The lead singer used to be a member of a cult, the Children of God.

Feel free to throw some new names into the hat, the more the merrier!

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