Run Money, Run Visa, Run!!!


For the past few months, my money and visa have been enjoying a lengthy marathon race with each other, seeing who would win and run out first. For a while, the visa was miles ahead, racing into an unhealthy lead. Wanting to get them back on level pegging for the sake of a fair race, a quick injection of a Spring break trip to Meeheeko evened things up. This time around, however, my money has kicked up a gear and gone into Usain Bolt mode. This is due to the bloated, cramped, irritable condition I find myself in at this time of the month – rent paying time. I am not sure how the money can be caught at this stage, it is looking like it has potentially left my visa behind, the sprint is on! Worst of all is knowing that no matter what, my visa will not give up and is destined to finish the race at some stage too. It is a win-win situation. Well, for the money and the visa, not for me.

Enough of the running analogies and horrendous metaphors, I have ran out of patience with them myself, ha. This weekend I had set myself the realistic goal of making all my rent money, in order to keep the dream alive. This would be achieved by working my two jobs, one of which doesn’t pay me money, and left me getting in a fight with a washing machine as a result. The second job, as a master salesman, had earned me the tidy little sum of $25 in a total of 3 days work the weekend before. This weekend, however, it would be different. I was going to whoop that homeless guy in the wage per hour scale this time around.

Lo and behold, I made some money. Over 4 times what I made the whole weekend before, but alas still 8 times less than I need for rent, re de de. Still though, I was pumped with the fact of making some money, have to celebrate the smallest of victories these days. I might celebrate by splashing out on the shiny silver jacket I saw the other day, which is the dodgiest thing I have seen in a long time and could only be worn here in L.A, even though it is too warm for a jacket here. Kind of looks like this. Kind of…


Silver Jacket


Not sure why but I am drawn to it and don’t think I will get it out of my system until I buy it, bring it home, rip off the tags, try it on, and finally see that is horrendous but too late to return. Kind of like that girl who you can’t decide if she is funky looking in a hot way, or in an off way, and then, after it’s too late, realize it is an off way but the tags areripped off  already, so to speak. Not that I have ever done that, obviously.

I will also ignore the fact that I left my house for work at 5.30 in the morning (some laugh after 2 hours sleep) and didn’t get home until 10 that night. So, overall, the homeless guy is still on better money an hour than me. And he doesn’t have to do a 6 hour round trip journey for his job either. He is lucky enough to work, relax and sleep all in the exact same spot. Lucky him.

Unfortunately there were no Nazis to sell to this week, just some guy who tried to sell me a gun, repeatedly, because I was Irish and he knew all about the I.R.A. Ok. I wasn’t going to argue with him, me being the one without a gun and all. Eventually he left, confused by my efforts at making a joke out of it “I have my own nun at home already, you know what us priests are like”. Horrendous I know, but at least he left me alone after it. Another highlight was haggling, for what seemed an eternity, with a group of 6 Indian ladies over a sale. Well, roughly 25 minutes, with them seemingly not possessing English, and me with a non-existent grasp on the Indian language. Even though I lost out on maybe 2 other sales while haggling with them, in the end we came to an agreement. Which turned out to be exactly what I was offering all along, good waste of 24 minutes. Well worth the $6 commission though, well worth it.

After my tough day of work yesterday, today was a day to do bob all. Turned out to be a well spent day after all though. Watched Seven Ages of Rock on VH1 Classic, 5 out of 7 anyways so far. It is savage, if you like music, and want to become highly educated in the evolution of rock and good music, watch it! It will give you new appreciation for bands or artists you know of and might recognize a song of theirs, but you might not be too sure of why they are so well known. If you have 7 hours to spare, 7 Ages on!!! Youtube all the way!

Song of the day… Daniel by Bat For Lashes

4 thoughts on “Run Money, Run Visa, Run!!!

  1. Story man,

    Didn’t mean to imply in last post that you were purposely taking credit for dj’ing, I realise that ppl presumed you were.

    heres that link

    Could you do me a favour and google the following terms, i’ve heard that google localises searches, so, while both these appear on first page of I was wondering where my blog turns up in the US?

    “fiscal student”
    “get rich or blog trying”


    • No problemo, the first search brings your blog up first, second one you’re the second link, first is some parislemon?

      Cheers for that link again, it’ll be tough to splice that up though! I just worked in that angle with what other DJs were saying, getting the hump for some reason, so it worked out well!

      I must give your blog a read, get a few financial tips, ha, I could do with them! Read on!!!

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