Big Bad Wolf – Duck Sauce

Carmaggedon: Some spoof. Never seen the roads so quiet. Hollywood hype! Waste of a shotgun. End of the world will have to wait.

Me: Some idiot. Have you ever tried to take shortcuts, even though you’ve never been in the place before? Some clown. Driving back from a gig on Saturday. Never there before. But I know where I’m going. Let’s take this left here. Down this lane. Now if I just swing around on this 270˚ angle. Go up this hill. Along this back road. And I should be home… Why am I on the Pacific Coast Highway?Heading for San Francisco? Some funking idiot. Berating myself in the car: Why are you trying to take shortcuts?! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!! Only took me thirty five minutes to get back to the original road I was on. Some. Ape. Dope.

DJigs: Corporate gigs are the way to go. Forget bars or clubs. One night. About two hours of work. Rent. Sorted. Giddy up! No wonder singers and the likes do those weird gigs in Saudia Arabia or on a Russian billionaire’s yacht. Money talks. Let’s not mention how irregular they can be. Shhh. Nice views too. Rooftop on… Continue Reading »

Mr Jones!


Tom JonesI realize I have an annoying problem. Well, one more to the list. Have you ever started something, then finished it just for the sake of finishing it? No other reason. You do not want to finish what you’ve started. But for some dumb reason, you feel like you have to. For example, you take a bite out of a pear and then realize it’s not a great pear. Not rotten or gone off, just dry and not nice. However, instead of just throwing it away, you feel like you have to finish it. I do anyways. Quickly munching through it, just to have it eaten and not throw a full pear. People are starving, man! Making sure not to waste an ok-at-best pear. Just waste my time instead. Continue Reading »




Excluding a bit of gardening yesterday (well, pruning to be exact) the rest of my weekend has been worked around a couple of gigs. One stand-up in Dubla, then back down to Cork to DJ. Stand-up is the definitely the area where I tend to get a bit of nerves before going on. And the area that I do the most amount of work for, beforehand. Or so I let myself believe anyways. I slowly figured out, that it is actually the area I do the least amount of preparation for, even though it is the one I should be doing the most for. I think the fact that it is only a 15 minute time slot is my downfall. Subconsciously I must just let myself think then, that less amount of time should be used to prepare for a gig, as opposed to writing, or DJ’ing, as they take longer to do. If that makes sense. As a result, when it is gig time, the pressure starts to creep out of the cupboard. Like an exam I have not fully studied for, trying and hoping to wing parts of it.


The main reason for the gig was the fact that a producer I have been meeting recently was coming along, to check it out as part of a proposal. On top of that, Continue Reading »