I’m A Little Teapot…


Sweet Disposition (Joe Maz Remix) – Temper Trap

In case you were wondering, not every day in L-Hey is nuts. Today was pretty normal. Shopped. Washed. Gymed. Chilled. Mostly recovered. Sunday was pretty mighty. Man cures. Just the one. Happy hour. Oh Jesus. Pub crawl. Impromptu. Riding mechanical maniac bulls. Singing the booze. Bumping into randomers. Bringing along stragglers. Ploughing on. Finishing it all off with a night cap and deep gibberish conversations in a car park at half two in the morning. Savage day. But kind of normal, in a way. Could happen anywhere. Unlike, say, Saturday. Funk me pink. Uniquely L-Hey day. Random. Dumb. Full on fun!

Up at 7 bells for a photo shoot. Random. 3 hours sleep due to DJigging. Dumb. Not too sure what the shoot’s for. Need a few professional photos to add to my  portfolio of one headshot. So I’m told. So I’m in. Cover of Women’s Weekly all the way! Shoot was on in Santa Monica. Pier. Beach. Lovely. Arrive. Cloudy. Grey skies. Looks like it might rain. Waves crashing in. Bed calling. Start throwing it out there that maybe we should reschedule. Wait for better light. Sheen from the sea is very bright. Spouting out complete gibber. Vain attempts to get me back to bed. No joy. Heere now, let’s see what we can do. Cue teapot. Continue Reading »




Excluding a bit of gardening yesterday (well, pruning to be exact) the rest of my weekend has been worked around a couple of gigs. One stand-up in Dubla, then back down to Cork to DJ. Stand-up is the definitely the area where I tend to get a bit of nerves before going on. And the area that I do the most amount of work for, beforehand. Or so I let myself believe anyways. I slowly figured out, that it is actually the area I do the least amount of preparation for, even though it is the one I should be doing the most for. I think the fact that it is only a 15 minute time slot is my downfall. Subconsciously I must just let myself think then, that less amount of time should be used to prepare for a gig, as opposed to writing, or DJ’ing, as they take longer to do. If that makes sense. As a result, when it is gig time, the pressure starts to creep out of the cupboard. Like an exam I have not fully studied for, trying and hoping to wing parts of it.


The main reason for the gig was the fact that a producer I have been meeting recently was coming along, to check it out as part of a proposal. On top of that, Continue Reading »