Excluding a bit of gardening yesterday (well, pruning to be exact) the rest of my weekend has been worked around a couple of gigs. One stand-up in Dubla, then back down to Cork to DJ. Stand-up is the definitely the area where I tend to get a bit of nerves before going on. And the area that I do the most amount of work for, beforehand. Or so I let myself believe anyways. I slowly figured out, that it is actually the area I do the least amount of preparation for, even though it is the one I should be doing the most for. I think the fact that it is only a 15 minute time slot is my downfall. Subconsciously I must just let myself think then, that less amount of time should be used to prepare for a gig, as opposed to writing, or DJ’ing, as they take longer to do. If that makes sense. As a result, when it is gig time, the pressure starts to creep out of the cupboard. Like an exam I have not fully studied for, trying and hoping to wing parts of it.


The main reason for the gig was the fact that a producer I have been meeting recently was coming along, to check it out as part of a proposal. On top of that, I was looking forward to getting another gig under my belt/out of the way, after the last Hiroshima bomb of a gig I had the last time. Back on the horse and all that. By looking forward to it, I would say in the same way as I might have been looking forward to my driving test, years back. Purely dependent on the result. No pressure there then at all. On the upside, the stand-up found its feet again! Not perfect, but back on track. Stick to what I know. Which appears to be a gay horse galavanting around L.A angle. Good to know. Unfortunately, about half an hour before the gig I found out that the producer got held up in Belfast, and wouldn’t make it back in time to see me shine. Spoo… I believe her.

I’ll be honest, I’m not too bothered about gearing the jokes fully for an Irish audience. The bomb last time was so bad, as I went full on with a new slate of jokes, fully focusing on life in Ireland. Funk that. Funk fake tan! Not even funny really either anymore. Epidemics never are. Mostly using these trips to Dubla so I can work on having something polished for back in L.A. As a bonus to successfully getting back up on the gay horse, I have also thought of a perfect supplement to tie all my stuff together nicely that should work even better for L.A. Not really suitable for the blogaruu, you’ll have to wait for the book! Or show up in L.A. Although I did text a buddy with the angle, to see what he thought. Still waiting for a reply. Two days later. I presume that whenever he tries to reply, he can’t control the laughter, and is unable to finish writing the text. Obviously.

Clarity? Clarify

After the DJ gig Friday night, I have realized that all comments, compliments or grunts should be taken with a pinch of salsa. Better than none at all. Genuine, odd, and double edged ones. The ones from strangers are usually genuine, a straight forward thumbs up, good music. Thanks. Easy enough with those ones. On the other hand, some can be hard to decipher. All about the phrasing really. And choosing to see it as a compliment. A lady told me more than 3 times that she really loved the music, as it was so clear. I didn’t really understand the second part “it was so clear” so I replied with a pardon, to find out more. Should’ve just said thanks.

“I just love the clarity of each song, it’s the best part. You’re so good at making them all sound so clear. Clarity.” Never heard of someone praise the clarity of any song, throwing me off even more by really emphasizing it so many times (she mentioned those lines a few times to me). I struggled to figure out if it was sarcasm, a compliment, just a pointless comment, or none of the above. However, seeing as she was older, and judging by the looks she was giving me while she drank her drink and danced in front of me, I weirdly think it might’ve been her way of flirting. Perhaps clarity is actually some kind of code for older people? Then again, more than likely, I am way off with the flirting comment. Just great clarity in the music, which her keen ear picked out. Either way, unfortunately, for a number of reasons, main one being I was focusing on keeping the clarity levels high, I was unable to flirt back. Only reason. I swear.


Due to my dumbness, if it is someone who I know that compliments the music, or my immense skills, I am always a bit wary at first. Suspicious minds. Is it purely… “well done”… full stop? Or a “well done… (I was expecting you to be absolutely brutal, but you’re surprisingly better than I thought. Slightly better.)” Dumb enough really out of me. At least I can find comfort in knowing that there is one kind of person who is even dumber than me. The kind of person I really like seeing while being back in Cork. Might know them through college, or through an acquaintance, some weak thread. The kind who spot me in a club or pub, finding it hilarious first of all that I am back in Cork, and funnier still, back DJ’ing! “Hahaha, that’s hilarious. What are you doing DJ’ing here? I thought you were over in L.A? That is hilarious.” Great laugh.

Unsurprisingly, I have realized that it is always the same kind of person. No need for any snipe remarks in return, or to defend myself. No need in the slightest. I have found a far easier way to shut them up. And get them to move on. Asking them a simple question does the trick… what are you up to these days? Oddly, this brings an abrupt end to their laughter. Working, no? Doing anything, no? Nothing? No. Well done. What were we laughing at again? For some reason that always seems to work. Seems to give them a greater sense of clarity about their own life. Clarity. It is what it’s all about!

Temper Trap

Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap 

2 thoughts on “Giggity

  1. Dont ever take your “comments, compliments, or grunts” for granted. I am sure that they are better than nothing at all… 🙂

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