Hey Boss… Where Me Worms?!


Far too much of today has been spent being far too confused. Someone changing the layout of my blogaruu… What was that aboot? That guy in Trader Joe’s who just drove his car into a bush next to me… ? That girl who started sobbing while ringing up my food at the till… ? That random dude in the green belly top and pink hat on sideways, who came up to me in the gym, informing me that he too enjoyed soccer – Ok? – and then just stood there. Looking at me. Until I put my iPod back on… Go on the gym. Funk off the confusion.

Thankfully today was also a highly productive day. Fixed up the blogaruu. Bought some food. Went to the gym. And that, was aboot it. Highly productive. Although I did discover a new sandwich today. Swordfish. Peas. Corn. Onions. Toasted. Savage. Oh Jesus. Highly productive day. Exciting stuff. One of those days. Two day hangover in full crystal swing. Feeling a tad ahem-ually hungover as well. What what. Full on weekend. Big day on Saturday. Shindig all the way. Slid into Sunday. Bells ringing. People glowing. Dancing. Non-stop. Top class. Top hat on. Suit pants off. Fun all round. And that’s all I remember aboot that. Encrypt on. Continue Reading »

Real Eyes


Thankfully this morning, I bounced out of bed, spring back in my step. It seems that the pigs have definitely not got their grubby little mitts on me. The rash was only from the deep heat I used early, kind of thing. Very clever really. Seeing as I am so clever that it is kind of dumb, I realized a few things today. What a wonderful title I pulled out of the air! So clever, it is just dumb. Anyways, one of the things which I realized today, is that lately I have been over-analyzing things a tad too much. For example, the past few days I have been having issues with the blog. Now that I have the book deal sorted, I started to think it is vitally important that I keep writing the blog every day, so that I ensure that my habit of writing daily, keeps going. Which then led me to start off, as opposed to end, every day, wondering what I would write about that night. Which is completely and utterly dumb, stupid, idiotic… I could keep going. Continue Reading »