As I Sat At My Desk…

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… I pondered, ‘Why the funk am I having thoughts in the form of paragraphs, as if I’m reading them out of a book?’ For about a week, I have been catching myself thinking long, continuous thoughts. Fully formed sentence after fully formed sentence. As if they were written down. Except there is no book in front of me. I might be speaking to someone. Watching t.v. Or DJ’ing. But instead of the usual routine of random thoughts bouncing around aimlessly, subconsciously, they are now coming into my head as ‘As I played the final song for the night, I was quite looking forward to going home. Oh sweet Jesus, I thought to myself, not this woman again, requesting the song I just played for her.’ Instead of simply ‘Can’t wait to go home. Oh no, not you.’ Worse still, words like ‘however’, ‘eventually’, ‘all in all’ and so on, are being used in my head without me purposely doing it. When do you ever purposely think the word ‘however’ without meaning to?! Why I say worse still, is down to the fact that Continue Reading »

Dumb… Yes. Weird… ?


Something weird and dumb to start with. Something that might help someone someday to finish up with. I am aware that this story is quite dumb. I’m just wondering if the weird part is as weird to other people as it is to me? Earlier this evening, went to the gym. When I got out of my car, I noticed that there were two people in the car next to me. Two dudes, just sitting in the back seat of another car. Nobody in the front seats. However, at the time, I thought nothing of it. Into the gym, late enough so rushing through a few different exercises. Dead enough in there, yet I still ended up sharing a machine with one dude. Big huge Polish guy. Kind of looked like this…


Wearing a similar outfit too.

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Real Eyes


Thankfully this morning, I bounced out of bed, spring back in my step. It seems that the pigs have definitely not got their grubby little mitts on me. The rash was only from the deep heat I used early, kind of thing. Very clever really. Seeing as I am so clever that it is kind of dumb, I realized a few things today. What a wonderful title I pulled out of the air! So clever, it is just dumb. Anyways, one of the things which I realized today, is that lately I have been over-analyzing things a tad too much. For example, the past few days I have been having issues with the blog. Now that I have the book deal sorted, I started to think it is vitally important that I keep writing the blog every day, so that I ensure that my habit of writing daily, keeps going. Which then led me to start off, as opposed to end, every day, wondering what I would write about that night. Which is completely and utterly dumb, stupid, idiotic… I could keep going. Continue Reading »