Real Eyes


Thankfully this morning, I bounced out of bed, spring back in my step. It seems that the pigs have definitely not got their grubby little mitts on me. The rash was only from the deep heat I used early, kind of thing. Very clever really. Seeing as I am so clever that it is kind of dumb, I realized a few things today. What a wonderful title I pulled out of the air! So clever, it is just dumb. Anyways, one of the things which I realized today, is that lately I have been over-analyzing things a tad too much. For example, the past few days I have been having issues with the blog. Now that I have the book deal sorted, I started to think it is vitally important that I keep writing the blog every day, so that I ensure that my habit of writing daily, keeps going. Which then led me to start off, as opposed to end, every day, wondering what I would write about that night. Which is completely and utterly dumb, stupid, idiotic… I could keep going.

All of this had me frustrated over the past few days. Over-analyzing the blog. Had it drifted from what it set out to do? Was this not about funny incidents involving life in L.A? That is what it says in the About page, is that not what it should be about so?! It took me a while to cop on that I can just edit the About page. Particularly as the blog has evolved, now more of a journal of my journey so far, not too sure really. Ha, a journey journal sounds pretty dumb now that I read it aloud. I’ll leave it in. When this realization came about, I felt a bit of a stupid weight lift off my shoulders. Pointless pressure it seemed? This is what is happening at the moment on my mission. If something happens that I feel is worthwhile to write about, then I will write about it. If nothing of note occurs, and I start to drift into the oblivion talking about my life and death struggle with a cold, then I may not write about something that day. Instead of, for some reason, feeling an obligation that I have to do it. Particularly, when I probably should be spending most of that time anyways, actually writing the book.

Also today, I copped on fully to the fact that I am now actually writing a book. I have at least one definite purpose. These are no longer words floating about in my head. Time to get serious, and get going on writing the thing. In turn, this made me realize, I now have a chance to write something of note. Make an impression. I have somehow stumbled onto the chance of writing something profound. Or hilarious. Or horrendous. Maybe all three. Maybe just the last one. Who knows. The main thing is that I now have a chance to do this, so time to grab the book by the horns, as they say, and make my best effort at it. This is not just an essay for college that is being done for the sake of being done. This is potentially a way for me to make a mark. A lasting impression. Potentially.

This all came about while I was flicking through a few books on my book shelf that I am a big fan of. The one that stood out the most for me was Lunar Park, by Bret Easton Ellis. If you have not done so already, I would highly recommend reading it. Top dollar. Time to get reading as many books as I can, to borrow and steal a few tips or styles. Lets be honest, it is not really stealing, more like me using it for inspiration. And it has worked already, the ideas are flowing! Well, maybe dripping is a better term. An improvement on the full stop and shut door I experienced over the weekend though. Although after watching the original Office last night and today, it has actually spurred me on even more on the sitcom side. I had forgotten how good the first series of that actually is. Probably the best first series of any comedy? However, the sitcom can wait for a while at the moment. Time to focus on the book for now. 

One of the good things, that I can take from all of the above, is the fact that I do actually, eventually, realize all of this stuff. Seems like I like to let it all sink in, and really mull the small things over as much as possible, before letting my brain have a break. At least I don’t continue on with my head in the sand permanently. Which is good. Seeing as I do have real nice eyes. Oh sweet Jesus. Perhaps it is I better that I use up all my horrendous jokes in the blog though. Spare the book!

First song is one stumbled upon, pretty good so far from what I’ve heard…

Beat Radio

Sleepwalking – Beat Radio

Second song, is for my beautiful eyes!

Flaming Lips

Do You Realize – The Flaming Lips

2 thoughts on “Real Eyes

  1. I LOVE Brett Easton Ellis (met him on the south bank once, amazing man) and I am pretty enamored with the Flaming Lips tune. Hurrah for you and your good taste.

    Oh and on a side note if you are researching interesting writing styles, I really liked the way James Frey constructs his sentences (and his use of one word sentences) in ‘A Million Little Pieces.’ Just thought I would share that. x

    • Were you talking to Bret Easton Ellis? What was he like? The start of Lunar paints a fairly colourful picture of his life. Best part is that it is all supposedly true. I must check out that other book as well, mucho gracias for passing on the research info! I would have to seriously cut out the rambling to be able to handle one word sentences. Tough. Duu.

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